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Old Kingsport

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Christiansville, Rossville, Boatyard, early names for Kingsport.  All were combined and made official as "Kingsport" in 1822.

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Boatyard Cemetery
Ross Cemetery
Netherland - Phipps Cemetery
Cloud Family Cemetery

Old Kingsport's
"Act of Incorporation"
August 21, 1822

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The Netherland Inn and
Old Kingsport

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Old Kingsport
Presbyterian Cemetery

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Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church 
History & Photos


Ridge Fields Ferry
ca. 1918

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"The Old Elm" at Rotherwood
ca. 1925

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Rogan Residence
ca. 1912

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Kingsport Hospital
(Originally the John Lynn Home)  ca. 1925

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Old Mill at Rotherwood

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Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church. This picture had to have been taken in 1917, because my late Aunt Hazel Bralley told me she was five years old in this picture – she’s the little tart down front left with the certificate, who has taken a straight pin and poked her face so many times it has been destroyed. Dr. Sam Patton is in the back row with the beard in front of the door. The minister is the one standing taller than everyone else looking off to the right. Mrs. Sam Patton is below the minister with a fur collar and her hands on the shoulders of a child. My grandmother and her sister are at the far left away from the others with the big hats.
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The Bridge Is Down
ca. 1934

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