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Mystery Photos

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Mystery photos made in Kingsport and the surrounding area. 
If you have a mystery photo you would like to submit for help in identification or if you can help identify a mystery photo, send me an e-mail note HERE.
Give as much information on your photo as you can.

Photo # 1
This photo was taken in the early 1950's

wpe1.gif (373755 bytes)


I recognized this photo right away. It is a picture taken from the edge of Gibsontown looking south toward Elizabeth St. The houses on top of the hill are on Elizabeth St. with the rear of the houses facing the camera. The photographer was located on what is now known as Girls Club Place which dead ends at the foot of the hill. As children, we used to climb this hill as a short cut to Watauga St. and on to Sevier Junior High School. I donít know when this picture was taken, but those walking paths were still in use in the 1970ís, however the shack at the bottom was long gone by then. Even as a kid it was a difficult hill to climb, and I muddied my pants many times during the climb.

Allen Rolle, Macon Georgia

I and a high school buddy were quite interested in all kinds of firearms.  My friend's father told him about a man who had hundreds of guns of all types.  We went to the stone house on Elizabeth St. late one evening and knocked on the door.   The next thing we saw was the biggest gun barrel I ever saw at the time.  My friend called out who we were and who told us about his gun collection and we were invited in.  He had guns around the walls under the stair treads in the newel post.  I mentioned that I had a German Luger.  He pulled out a basket of Lugers and Luger Parts.  He had guns of all types and values.  Some were very rare.  I have never seen another collection like it.
Louis Long

Photo #2
This photo was probably taken in the mid-1950's to early-1960's.  Note the phone number on the truck, it was when Kingsport still used the "Circle" prefix for phone numbers.

wpe4.gif (283914 bytes)  wpe7.gif (232548 bytes)  wpe9.gif (179909 bytes)  


The picture is one of the early concrete pours at the sewage disposal plant on industry drive.  If you look closely you will see a light steel building framework with no siding on it next to a square smoke stack.  That was the old city incenerator adjacent to the mouth of Reedy Creek.
Louis Long