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Memorials & Markers

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This marker, accessed from the Greenbelt in the Boatyard area, commemorates the Cherokee Indians and their usage of the Long Island of The Holston.

Bridge approach from the Greenbelt
wpe1.jpg (78344 bytes)

Swinging Bridge across the Holston River
wpe3.jpg (85313 bytes)

Looking North up the Holston from the Bridge
wpe5.jpg (60787 bytes)

Looking South down the Holston from the Bridge
wpe7.jpg (44919 bytes)

The Clans

The Wolf Clan
wpe11.jpg (105950 bytes)

The Blue Clan
wpe13.jpg (108284 bytes)

The Deer Clan
wpe15.jpg (102643 bytes)


The Marker
wpe9.jpg (91135 bytes)

The Seal
wpeF.jpg (109882 bytes)

The Plaque
wpeB.jpg (93471 bytes)

The Clans

The Bird Clan
wpe17.jpg (91647 bytes)

The Paint Clan
wpe19.jpg (90616 bytes)

The Wild Potato Clan
wpe1B.jpg (93374 bytes)

The Long Hair Clan
wpe1D.jpg (87489 bytes)