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Laney Cemetery
High Knob
Scott County, Virginia

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Photographed December 28, 2006

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Laney, Robert W.
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Ardner, Tom J. & Minnie L.
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Sturgill, Frank C. Rev. & Ruby J.
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Peak, Oscar J. & Mildred B.
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Baker, Edwin "Pete" & Jeanette
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Overbay, Shirley Peak
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Paige, Mildred Jeanette
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Peak, Wiley J. and Lula M.
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Peak, Billy Joe
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Peak, Curtis L. and Marie M.
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Quesenberry, Bonnie
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Peak, Walter S. & Mary I.
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Peak, Emett M. & Lillie M.
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Ramey, Maggie M.
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Begley, Corna F.
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Begley, Ellen
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Begley, Audley E.
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Laney, William Hopkins
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