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Ancestors of Donald Gable Hervey


260. Robert ROBUCK

per Ann Woodlief
Robert was born in England and emigrated to Virginia or Maryland around 1674, one of five people transported by Mathais Dicosta(?) of St. Mary's, Maryland and Northumberland Co., Virginia. Bullcok believes that Robert's brother George emigrated to Virginia with him from England, lived in Maryland and Northumberland Co., Virginia, then moved away to parts unknown. Robert had only one child recorded, Robert. His father is said to be named Robert Roebuck, Jr.

The Roebuck family seems to have come from Yorkshire, with many marriages reported from 1601 - 1646 from Yorkshire, primarily to Kirkburton, Sheffield and Tickhill. An Edward Robuck is reported in Barbados in 1697. A Mary Roebuck in Barbados in 1685.

A Richard Robooke died in Northumberland Co. in 1723/24, relationship unknown.

272. William HOLT

Died after 28 September 1725, date of will.

358. Simon SALLARD

A planter. Resident of Halifax District, NC at the time of his daughter's
marriage to John M. Steptoe, Jr.