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The ancestry of Mary Elizabeth Virginia Powell, born in 1875, who married James Griffin Crowell is traced in this chapter.

Daniel A. Mitchell

(1780/90 - 1841)

md. Edna Temperance __?__

(1799 - 1863)

Henrietta Elouisa Mitchell

(1841 - 1907)

md. Abraham Powell, 1858 in S. C.

(1830 - 1888)

Mary Elizabeth Virginia Powell

(1875 - 1964)

md. James Griffin Crowell, 1902 in LA.

(1877 - 1964)


Daniel Anderson Mitchell, also known as D. A. Mitchell and as Andrew [sic] Mitchell, was born about 1780-1790, probably in upper South Carolina in the Old Ninety-Sixth District. By 1790, when the first U. S. Census was taken, there were so many Mitchell families in upper South Carolina that it is difficult to determine which one Daniel was descended from. The Mitchells had probably been living in the area for several years to have populated it so well.

Before 1820, Daniel A. Mitchell married Edna Temperance __?__, who is believed to have been a full-blooded Indian (but this may be a family legend and not factual). They apparently lived for a while in Union County, where Daniel's name appeared on the 1820 census, with a household consisting of (in addition to himself) one female born ca 1794-1804 (no doubt his wife) and three children, probably his first three children, Eleanor, Elizabeth, and Daniel D. D. Mitchell.

In 1826 Daniel was named administrator of the estate of Sion Mitchell, who died in Edgefield District. Daniel may have moved to Edgefield about that time. He was in Edgefield by the time the 1830 Census was taken, and he remained there until his death. Joining Daniel in posting a bond in the administration of Sion Mitchell's estate were two other Mitchells who were probably close relatives: William C. Mitchell and Forrest Mitchell. Other Mitchells were named in the administration papers, and were probably relatives. Some of the persons who were owed money by the estate were: William C. Mitchell, D. A. Mitchell, Abram Mitchell, John Mitchell, and Forrest Mitchell.

In 1827, the personal property from the estate of Sion Mitchell was sold, and some of the purchasers were probably relatives: D. A. Mitchell bought a Negro girl Nany for $463, a sow and pigs, a "stock hog in the woods," a pen of shucks, 10 bushels of corn, an old plow bridle, and a goose. Other purchasers were John Mitchell, William C. Mitchell, Josiah Mitchell, Polly Mitchell and others, who bought items such as cabbage in the garden, a spinning wheel, beef hide, several cows, three more Negro slaves, and a 25 gallon still (bought by William C. Mitchell.

Daniel A. Mitchell was a farmer, as were most of the people in upper South Carolina. He owned as many as eleven slaves at one time. When he died in 1841 at age 51-61, he owned two parcels of land, one along Clouds Creek (described as "a certain tract of land lying on both sides of Cloud's Creek, waters of Saluda River being in Edgefield District state aforesaid, containing 525 acres") and one along West Creek, ("a certain tract of land containing 282 acres more or less situated in the said state and district on West Creek, waters of Saluda River"). Appraisers valued the two pieces of land at $1100 and $600. The land on Cloud's creek bordered on the property of Jacob Long, Jr., Gaspar Buzzard, Seaborn Johnson, Sarah Slack, and W. C. Mitchell. The West Creek land bordered property owned by James Cameron, Jacob Long, Jr., the estate of Green B. Mitchell, and W. C. Mitchell.

In his will, written the 27th of Sept. 1841, Daniel specifically bequeathed a Negro girl named Nelly to his daughter Ellen (Eleanor) and her husband Simeon Rice. The rest of his property was to go to his wife Tempy and his children: Ellen, Daniel, Elizabeth (wife of James Murphy), Rebecca, Nancy, Bashaba, Sally, Joseph, and Henrietta Elouisa.

After Daniel's death, which occurred shortly after his will was written, his estate was administered by Reuben B. Bouknight, who ordered surveys made of the property belonging to the estate. Chain carriers for the surveyors were James Mitchell, James D. Bouknight, and Mosses Smith, and the surveyor was C. Bouknight.

A friendly suit was filed against Temperance Mitchell, widow of Daniel Mitchell, in the Equity Court, by Daniel's children, Eleanor Rice (widow of John S. Rice), Elizabeth Murphy (wife of James Murphy), Daniel Mitchell, Rebecca Mitchell, Nancy Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell, Bersheba Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, and Henrietta Mitchell, so that they might receive their share in the estate. The court appointed Jacob Long Jr., James Cameron, James Whittle, Jacob Long Sr., and Amos Banks, Esquires, to determine if it would be in the interest of the legatees to sell the two parcels of land and divide the proceeds among the children and widow or to subdivide the land and distribute it. The decision was made, after an appraisal of the land, to sell it at public auction as early as practical.

Temperance remained in Edgefield County. In the 1850 census, nine years after her husband's death, she still had four of her children living with her in "The District": Rebecca, Barshaby, Joseph, and Henrietta. Their residence was very near the homes of W. Carey Mitchell and Forest A. T. Mitchell. Temperance's son, Daniel lived nearby.

Henrietta Elouisa Mitchell, the youngest child of Daniel and Temperance Mitchell, was married in Edgefield on April 5, 1858 to Abraham Powell. Shortly thereafter, the newlyweds left their comfortable lives in South Carolina and journeyed to Bienville Parish, Louisiana, never to return to Edgefield. Temperance (and perhaps her daughter Rebecca) accompanied them. When they reached Louisiana, Temperance and Abraham together purchased an entire section of land from the U. S. Government. Temperance's part was the "West half of Section thirty, in Township sixteen, of Range Six, in the district of lands subject to sale at Natchitoches, Louisiana, containing three hundred and thirty acres, and twenty four hundredths of an acre."

Temperance Mitchell (born in South Carolina) died on September 27, 1863 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. She was buried at the Campground Cemetery. Her tombstone reads: "Edna T. wife of Andrew Mitchell born 1799 died 1863. Her end was peace."

The children of D. A. Mitchell and his wife Edna Temperance Mitchell were:

1.  Eleanor "Ellen" Mitchell; born 1811-1820 in SC; married John Simeon Rice, who was born 1801-1810; died before 1841.

2.  Elizabeth Mitchell; born in or before 1820 in SC; married James Murphy.

3.  Daniel D. D. Mitchell; born ca 1825 in SC; married Irenah __?__. The 1850 census counted them as fairly close neighbors of his mother. One child, David A. Mitchell, born ca. 1847, was listed in the household with them.

4.  Rebecca Mitchell; born ca 1830 in SC (according to the 1850 census of Edgefield, SC, where she was shown as a 20 year old, living in the household with her mother); she may be the Rebecca Almana Catherine Stone, buried at the Campground Cemetery, near Temperance Mitchell. The tombstone reads, "R. A. C. Stone Dec. 22, 1832 Sep. 21, 1863. We will meet again." The family Bible belonging to descendants of this family has recorded in it, "Rebecca Almana Catherine Stone departed this life on the 21 September 1863 and her daughter Jula Ann was born on the 22 of December 1862."

5.  Nancy Mitchell; born 1825-1830 in SC.

6.  Sarah "Sally" Mitchell; born ca 1835-1840 in SC.

7.  Bersheba/Barshaby Mitchell; born ca 1834 in SC; was enumerated on the 1850 census of Edgefield in the household with her mother.

8.  Joseph Mitchell; born ca 1838 in SC; was enumerated on the 1850 census in Edgefield with his mother.

9.  Henrietta Elouisa Mitchell; born 21 July 1841 in Edgefield County, SC; married on 5 Apr. 1858 in Edgefield to Abraham Powell, who was born 16 Sept. 1830 either in Macon County, GA or in SC.




Abraham Powell, who was sometimes called Abe Powell, was born on September 16, 1830, either in Macon County Georgia or in South Carolina (perhaps Edgefield County). His parents names and their whereabouts after 1830 are unknown. Family tradition is that Abraham's family owned land and were well off, and that Abraham was one of the youngest children. He is said to have left home when he was a young boy. Tradition also holds that in his later years, Abraham's mother wrote to him and tried to persuade him to bring his family home to visit her and to claim his inheritance. His wife encouraged him to go and to take some of the older children with him, but, since the whole family could not go, Abraham refused. He never saw his mother again and did not receive his inheritance.

The earliest known record relating to Abraham Powell is the 1850 Census of Edgefield County South Carolina. He was a young man of 20, enumerated in the household of J. R. and Caroline Eidson, whose relationship to Abe, if any, are unknown.

On the 5th of April in 1858, Abraham, who was then 27 years old, married 16 year old Henrietta Louisa Mitchell, who was born in Edgefield South Carolina on July 21, 1841. Henrietta was the youngest of the nine children of Daniel Andrew and Edna Temperance Mitchell. The Mitchell family had been a prominent family in upper South Carolina for over 70 years. Henrietta's father had died when she was less than a year old, and she was raised by her mother with help from her older brother and sisters.

Henrietta and Abraham Powell probably listened to tales that their neighbors in Edgefield County told about the flourishing town of Mount Lebanon, Louisiana, which had been established twenty years earlier by emigrants from Edgefield. They would have heard that it was famous for its healthy climate, the wealth of its inhabitants, and its fine educational institutions. Perhaps it was the thought of these finer things that enticed the newlywed couple to move to Louisiana. The move may also have been prompted by a spirit of adventure and by the prospect of finding good land at a reasonable price.

Arriving in 1859 with his new wife and his mother-in- law, Temperance Mitchell, and perhaps other relatives and friends, Abraham apparently found Mount Lebanon to his liking - it was the cultural center of Bienville Parish. The town had a population of three or four-hundred people, mostly of "good" South Carolina stock. Records of the area indicate that some of the people were related to Abe and Henrietta Powell. There was a flourishing Baptist Church; two colleges: Mount Lebanon University and Mount Lebanon Female Institute. There were three stores operating and a printing office which published a newspaper. The homes were well-built and some were fine ante-bellum plantation homes.

Abraham and his mother-in-law each bought land in Bienville Parish. In December of 1859, Abraham bought an 80 acre plot with his wife's inheritance that she received from her father's estate. The following October, in 1860, Abraham Powell and Temperance Mitchell each purchased 330 acres from the Federal Government.

Then War broke out between the North and the South, and Abraham opted to join the Confederate Army. Leaving his family, which by this time included two young sons, Elbert D. (nicknamed Ernest), born May 1, 1859, and John J. L., born May 2, 1861, Abraham enlisted as a private in Gray's 28th Louisiana Infantry. His induction papers, signed in his own hand on the 8th of May in 1862 at Monroe, Louisiana, described him as 31 years old, with hazel eyes, black hair, dark complexion, and 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall. He was paid $50 bounty and was enlisted for three years or the duration of the War.

The next two years brought much sorrow to the Powell family. Henrietta's mother, Temperance Mitchell and Henrietta's sister, Rebecca Almana Catherine Stone, died in 1863, and were buried at Campground cemetery near Bienville, Louisiana. On May 6, 1864, Abraham, who had been wounded, was transferred from the Confederate hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana to the Mount Lebanon Confederate Hospital, which was housed in the Mount Lebanon University buildings. Family tradition is that Abraham was wounded during the siege of Vicksburg (which ended on the Fourth of July in 1863) and spent a long time in the Veterans hospital recovering. His military papers indicated that he suffered a gunshot wound. The final blow of the fateful two years occurred on September 16, 1864, when the youngest son of Abraham and Henrietta died. George Abraham Powell, born on March 21, 1863, died at the age of about eighteen months. Abraham's participation in the war ended when he was wounded. He returned home to his family. The wound and the war experience had weakened him and he never completely recovered his health. In 1866 or 1867, after the birth of Larkin W. J., born May 11, 1866, the family moved to Sparta, about 12 miles southwest of Mount Lebanon.

Abraham sold the 80 acres he had bought with Henrietta's inheritance, and the whole section that he and his mother-in-law had purchased before the war and bought 200 acres in Ward 7 of Bienville Parish at Sparta. Sparta was the first parish seat and was located in the woods on a sand bed. It was distantly removed from the stagecoach line and from any navigable water source.

During the time they lived at Sparta, two more children were added to the family: Nancy Henrietta Victoria Powell was born on March 12, 1868, and James Hilborn Anderson Powell on September 20, 1870. The month after James was born, Abraham sold their land for $420 in gold. That ended the land transactions of Abraham in Bienville Parish.

The exact whereabouts of the family between 1870 and 1878 is not established, although census records indicate that the children born during this time to Abe and Henrietta were born in Louisiana. These children were: Sissie Powell, who was born and died on June 25, 1874; Mary Elizabeth Virginia Powell, born on June 2, 1875; and Eugene Henry Harrison Powell, born January 26, 1878.

Eight years after they apparently left Bienville Parish, Henrietta Powell purchased 80 acres of land in Grant Parish, Louisiana, which they kept for about two and a half years. According to family tradition, Abraham moved his family to Vicksburg, Mississippi about 1880, apparently after the birth of their last child Fletcher Christopher Powell, which occurred in October of 1880. Some of the children attended school at Vicksburg. Mary Powell won a gold medal for being first in her class there.

In 1887 and 1888, tragedy again struck the Powells. They lost their 21 year old son Larkin, who succumbed to a fever on February 10, 1887. Then on the 20th of July in 1888, Abraham Powell died. He is said to have been buried by the government in the City Cemetery at Vicksburg since he had been a soldier. (A letter of inquiry to the Vicksburg City Cemetery elicited the following response: "I have examined the records of the City Cemetery and find that 4 plots have been sold to parties with the last name of Powell. Records are kept on plots or lots - no individual graves. 1849 Washington Powell; 1858 Mr. Powell; 1860 Shaw & Powell; 1899 A. M. Powell. An On the ground survey of these plots and the confederate cemetery plot did not show any headstones with names mentioned in your letter. I might point out that in many cases in the late 1800's, graves were marked with wooden head markers, which have long past deteriorated.") On August 1, 1888, just 10 days after Abraham's death, 10 year old Eugene Henry died.

The family returned to Louisiana to live with John J. L. Powell. John devoted himself to helping his mother raise the younger children. He remained a bachelor all his life, but was looked to and loved like a father by his younger brothers and sisters.

Henrietta lost another son, James, on May 15, 1894. He was buried at the Campground Cemetery near Bienville, Louisiana. During the 35 years she had been in Louisiana and Mississippi Henrietta had suffered the deaths of her mother, sister, husband, and six of her ten children.

Henrietta died on November 3, 1907, at the age of 66. The story of her death has been related by her granddaughter, Leola Crowell Young, who was a small child of three and a half years at the time, but remembered the event and heard the story from her mother, Mary Powell Crowell:

"When my sister Ethel was at least a month old, we went to visit Grandma Powell. She was living with Uncle John in a little sawmill town between Ruston and Hodge, and we had not seen them in a long time. After we visited for a while, we came back home and brought Grandma with us. We were living out of Gibsland at Watson's Sawmill on Black Lake. Grandma loved squirrel, so Pappa told Mr. Watson that he was going to take a day off and go hunting for squirrel. He killed a mess of them and we had a big squirrel dinner. Grandma was sleeping in our bed, so Carrie and I slept with Mamma and Daddy. I remember Pappa jumping up and getting Mamma up, telling her Grandma was sick. She was sitting on her bed holding her side (she had forgotten to bring her medicine with her). Carrie slept but I jumped up and followed them into Grandma's room. Pappa went to get the Watsons, who lived close by, but Grandma died before he got back. She had been planning to go home the next day. We didn't have a telephone, so Pappa had to get on the train to go see Uncle John. He said he never hated to tell anybody anything as badly as he did telling Uncle John about his mother. When Pappa got off the train, he saw Uncle John standing on the scales weighing himself. When he told him Grandma was dead, Uncle John almost fell dead himself. I remember we had to take Grandma's coffin to the graveyard in a wagon."

Henrietta was buried at the Campground Cemetery, near her mother, sister, and two of her children.

The children of Abraham Powell and Henrietta Louisa Mitchell were:

1.  Elbert "Ernest" D. P. Powell; born 1 May 1859, Bienville Parish, LA; died 28 Jan. 1911; buried at at the Simsboro Cemetery, Lincoln Parish, LA; was a farmer; married ca. 1883-84 to Emma __?__, who was born in May 1869 in Georgia.

Issue, nine:

(1) Lelia Powell; born Jan. 1885/87 in Ark.; married Connie E. Ponder, who was born 21 August 1884 in Union Parish, LA; died 4 May 1969, buried at Hashley Cemetery, West Monroe, LA; Connie was son of Dred Thornton Ponder, a Methodist minister.

Issue, two:

(a) Avis Marie Ponder; married Robert O. Randle; they lived at Houston, Texas in 1982.

(b) Connie Ardis "Art" Ponder; lived at New Orleans, LA in 1982.

(2) Sydney Powell; born Aug. 1889, in AR.

(3) Floyd Powell; born July or Dec. 1891, in AR.

(4) Lola Powell; born July 1893, in AR. or LA.

(5) Starling Powell; born 21 July 1894 or Aug. 1895, probably at Simsboro, Lincoln Parish, LA; died 7 July 1927, buried Simsboro Cemetery.

(6) Emma Lee Powell; born 29 Jan. 1896/97, probably in LA; died 5 June 1940; buried at Simsboro Cemetery; married to C. W. Miller, separated, lived at her parents home at time of her death.

(7) Herman Powell; born Sept. 1899, probably in LA.

(8) and (9) twin sons; born and died 5 Oct. 1901, buried Simsboro Cem.

2.  John Joseph LeFaith Powell; born 2 March 1861, in Bienville Parish, LA; died 3 March 1941, buried at Winnfield, LA; never married; lived near Arcadia & Bryceland where he worked for a sawmill; later moved to Winnfield to live with his sister Vic, after her husband died, where they ran a little grocery store.

3.  George Abraham Powell; born 21 March 1863, in Bienville Parish, LA; died 16 Sept. 1864, buried Campground Cemetery, Bienville, LA.

4.  Larkin William Jason(?) Powell; born 11 May 1866, in Bienville Parish, LA; died Vicksburg, MS 10 Feb. 1887.

5.  Nancy Henrietta Victoria Powell; born 12 March 1868(?); in Bienville Parish, LA; died 15 Aug. 1951, buried at Winnfield, LA; married Jim Green; had no children, but they raised a boy, George Green, who was Jim's nephew; Vic became blind later in life.

6.  James Hilborn Anderson Powell; born 20 Sept. 1870, in Bienville Parish, LA; died 15/16 May 1894; buried Campground Cemetery.

7.  Sissie Powell; born and died 25 June 1874.

8.  Mary Elizabeth Virginia Powell; born 2 June 1875; probably in LA; died 31 Oct. 1964, in Bienville Parish, LA; married on 12 Feb. 1903 to James Griffin Crowell, who was born 19 Dec. 1876/77 in Lincoln Parish, LA; died 28 Jan. 1964; both buried Woodard Cemetery, Taylor, Bienville Parish, LA; they lived in Taylor at the time of their deaths; for descendants, see James Griffin Crowell.

9.  Eugene Henry Harrison Powell; born 26 Jan. 1878; died 1 Aug. 1888, at Vicksburg, MS.

10. Fletcher C. Christopher Powell; born 30 Oct. 1879-81, probably in Grant Parish, LA; died ca. 20 Sept. 1958 at Quitman, LA, buried Salem Cem. near Eros, LA; married 12 July 1906 to Vada E. Ponder, who was born 8 Jan. 1887; died 18 Oct. 1974 in Jackson Parish, LA; they were legally separated on 19 May 1939. Vada was the daughter of Dred Ponder and his first wife; Vada's estate was administered in Jackson Parish, LA; see Probate #3192, filed 3 March 1975;

The obituary of Fletcher Powell: Newspaper and date unknown. FLETCHER C. POWELL. Jonesboro, Sept. 20 (Special)--Fletcher C. Powell, 78, died at his home in Quitman. Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday at Community Church with the Rev. W. W. COOPER officiating. Burial will be in Salem Cemetery under the direction of Edmond's Funeral Home of Jonesboro. Survivors are his widow; three daughters, Mrs. J. C. Hurt and Mrs. William Zuber, both of Quitman and Mrs. Melvin Talley of Nashville, Tenn; one son, Harold Powell of Monroe; one sister, Mrs. Mary Crowell of Taylor; seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Issue, seven:

(1) Letha Powell; married John C. Hurt; lived at Quitman, Jackson Parish, LA in 1958 and in 1975;

Issue two:

(a) Marie Powell; married; had two children; lived near Sacremento, CA in 1983.

(b) Rachel Powell; married Mr. Akins; had three children; lived near Sacremento in 1983.

(2) Lillian Marvis Powell; died 1964, buried at the Salem Cemetery near Eros, LA; married 28 Sept. 1929 to William Zuber. (See Jackson Parish, LA Marriage L-539; name listed as Thomas Harvey Zuber); lived in Quitman, LA in 1958;

Issue, one son:

(a) James Edward Zuber; born 25 Oct. 1932; married Margaret Francis, who was born 2 Mar. 1935; they lived at Houston, TX in 1975; James was a salesman for Quincy Air Compressors; Margaret was a housewife;

Issue, one son:

(i) James Edward Zuber Jr.; born 27 Oct. 1960; worked for Chemical Applicators in Houston, TX in 1983.

(3) Harold L. Powell; married ca. 20 Dec. 1948 to Vonnie Bell Moore (see Jackson Parish, LA Marriage T-133); lived in Monroe, LA in 1983; retired from the gas company in Monroe, and worked for the post office;

Issue, two:

(a) Debbie Powell; married, had two children.

(b) Ronnie Powell; married; had two children.

(4) Atrell Powell; died in 1955; buried at Hodge, LA; married Clyde Donaldson.

Issue, one daughter:

(1) Melba Jean Donaldson; married Mr. Arnold, lived at Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA in 1983; had four children.

(5) Mae Voy Powell; married Melvin Talley, who died in 1957; Mae lived in Nashville, Tenn. ca. 1958; later moved back to Calhoun, LA;

Issue, one daughter:

(a) Doris Talley; has been married; no known children.

(6) born dead

(7) born dead

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Records pertaining to the Mitchell family

U. S. Census

1820 - Union Co., SC, (taken Jan. 1821), name appears on the first page of the census: DANIEL A. MITCHELL, head; 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16- 26; 6 persons engaged in agriculture; 11 colored persons.

1830 - Edgefield Co., SC, D. A. MITCHEL, head; 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 40-50; 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 10-30, 1 female 30- 40, 5 slaves.

1840 - Edgefield Co., SC, page 140 of census: D. A. MITCHELL, head; 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 50-60; 1 female under 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50; 14 slaves, 9 engaged in agriculture.

1840 - Edgefield Co., SC, page 140 (4 houses from D. A. Mitchell): S. RICE, head, 1 male 30-40; 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30; 3 engaged in agriculture.

1840 - Edgefield Co., SC, page 140 (house next to D. A. Mitchell): J. MURPHY, 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60; 1 engaged in agriculture.

1850 - Edgefield Co., SC, page 183 (census taken 2 Dec.): TEMPERANCE MITCHELL, head, 50 female, $1500 value of real estate, born SC; REBECCA, 20, female, born SC; BARSHABY, 16, female, born SC; JOSEPH, 12, male, born SC; HENRIETTA, 8, female, born SC.

1850 - Edgefield Co., SC, page 342, (census taken 29 Nov.): D. D. D. MITCHELL, head, 25, male, farmer, born SC; IRENAH, 24, female, born SC; DAVID A., 3, male, born SC.


Bienville Parish, LA, Book 15, pg.4. On 1 Oct. 1860, TEMPERANCE MITCHEL bought from the Federal govt. public lands: W 1/2 of Sec. 30 Twp. 16 Range 6 in distr. of lands sold at Natchitoches, LA containing 330 and 24/100 acres. Patent issued at Wash. DC & recorded in Bienville Parish, LA, on Sept. 15, 1923.

Tax Records

TEMPERANCE MITCHELL, assessed $.19 by U.S. Govt.

(See CIVIL WAR TAX IN LOUISIANA: 1865, Polyanthos Publ., New Orleans, 1975.) Probate Records

(Will, maps, & estate administration papers filed in Apt. # 50, Pckg. #2135 at the County Clerks office, Edgefield)

Edgefield District, South Carolina - Will of Daniel A. Mitchell:

"In the name of God amen

I Daniel A. Mitchell of State and District aforesaid being of sound and disposing mind and memory but weak in body and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with do make and ordain this my last will in manner following that is to say.-

After paying my funeral expenses and just debts. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ellen and her husband Simeon Rice our Negro girl named Nelly or the money that the said negro may bring as she may desire.-

I give to my wife Tempy an equal share of all my estate both real and personal after my daughter Ellen had taken off from my estate the negro above named.-

I desire that my children Ellen, Daniel, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Nancy, Bashaba, Sally, Joseph and Henrietta Elouisa youngest should have an equal share of all my estate with my wife Tempy after the negro above willed to my daughter Ellen is taken off from the amount of my estate.-

The share of my estate that I have give to my daughter Elizabeth who married Jas. Murphy I desire should be for her use during her life and after her death to the heirs of her body.-

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 27th day of Sept. 1841.-

Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for the last will and testament of the said Daniel A. Mitchell in the presence of us.- Sion Mitchell, Forest Mitchell, James B. Blantin (or Cantin). Signed D. A. Mitchell, <Seal>

Records of the Powell Family:


1850 - Edgefield Co., SC, stamped No. 41. EIDSON, J. R., 29, m, farmer, $2500, born SC; CAROLINE, 22, f, SC; JOHN D., 4, m, SC; JAMES A., 2, m, SC; ABRAHAM POWELL, 20, m, farmer, SC.

1860 - Bienville Parish, LA - Census records no longer extant - other records show that ABRAHAM & HENRIETTA POWELL were in Bienville Parish in 1860.

1870 - Bienville Parish, LA, Ward #7, Sparta, July 1870, pg. 31. ABE POWELL, 40, farmer, $600 r.e.; $300 p.p., born SC; HENRY E., 28, SC; ELBERT D., 11, LA; JOHN J., 9, LA; LARKIN W., 4, LA; NANCY H., 2, LA.

1880 - Grant Parish, LA, e.d. 26, pg. 18. (Much of this information is incorrect, as often happened when the census interviewer obtained his information from a child or neighbor). A. POWELL, w, m, 48, born MI, parents born MI; S. POWELL, w, f, 45, wife, LA, parents born AL; JOHN, w, m, 14, son, LA; LARKIN, w, m, 12, son, LA; JIM, w, m, 10, son, LA; NANCY, w, f, 8, dau., LA; PENNY, w, m, 5, son, LA; HENRY, w, m, 2, son, LA.

1900 - Lincoln Parish, LA, Ward 3 (Part North of V.S. & R.K.R.) 11 June, Simsboro, s.d.5, e.d.57, sh.6. ERNEST POWELL, w, m, May 1859, 41, md. 16 yrs., born LA, parents b. LA; farmer, r/w; owns farm; EMMA, wife, w, f, May 1869, 31, b. GA, parents b. GA, r/w; LELIA, dau., w, f, Jan. 1887, 13, AR; at. sch., r/w; SYDNEY, son, w, m, Aug. 1889, 10, AR, at. sch., r/w; FLOYD, son, w, m, Dec. 1891, 8, AR, at. sch., r/w; LOLA, dau., w, m(sic), July 1893, 6, AR, not r/w; STARTING (sic), son, w, m, Aug. 1895, 4, AR, not r/w; EMMA L., dau., w, f, Jan. 1897, 3, AR; HERMAN, son, w, m, Sept. 1899, 8/12, AR


Bienville Parish, LA, Book E pg.707. 24 Dec. 1859, JAMES MURPHY and wife NANCY LOW sold for $500 cash to ABRAHAM POWELL, res. of Bienville Parish, LA land: SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 and NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec. 17 Twp. 16 Range 6 W. 80 acres. Wtn. JESSE GOUGH and THOMS GOSS, JR. (?)

Bienville Parish, LA, Book 15, pg.2. 1 Oct. 1860, ABRAHAM POWELL bought from the Federal govt. public lands: E 1/2 of Sec. 30 Twp. 16 Range 6, 330 and 24/100 acres in distr. of lands sold at Natchitoches, LA. Patent issued at Wash. DC & recorded in Bienville Parish on Sept. 15, 1923.

Bienville Parish, LA, Book H pg.3. 3 Feb. 1866, ABRAHAM POWELL sold for $540 cash to SAMUEL L. HAIR, land in Bienville Parish: SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 and NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec. 17 Twp. 16 Range 6 W. 80 acres. Wtn. JOHN N. B. MOORE and THOMAS J. CALDWELL. H. L. MITCHELL, wife of ABRAHAM POWELL signed release to sell this land which was her inheritance.

Bienville Parish, LA, Book H pg.10. 30 Nov. 1866. ARTHUR M. WARREN Sr. and wife NANCY WHITTLE sold for $500 cash to ABRAHAM POWELL, land: E 1/2 of SW 1/4; SW 1/4 of NW 1/4; W 1/2 of SW 1/4, all in Sec. 4 Twp. 16 Range 6 W. containing 200 acres in Bienville Parish Wtn. JOHN J. NOLES, WILLIAM DANIEL.

Bienville Parish, LA, Book H pg.200. 30 Sept. 1867, ABRAHAM POWELL, JOHN WARREN, and ANDREW J. BODIE sold for $105 to EDWIN W. DEWES land descr. as W 1/2 of S. 30 in Twp. 16, Range 6, 330 and 24/100 acres. Wtn. SIMON DAY and T. J. FOUTS.

Bienville Parish, LA, Book H pg.164. 31 Aug. 1867, ABRAHAM POWELL sold for $160 to IRVIN MYERS land in Bienville Parish (as recorded in Natchitoches, LA dated 1 June 1860) described as E 1/2 of Sec. 30 in Twp. 16 Range 6 containing 320 and 4/100 acres. Wtn. W. A. DRAKE, WILLIAM L. ROGERS.

Bienville Parish, LA, Book I pg.396. 26 Oct. 1870, ABRAHAM POWELL sold for $420 in gold, land in Bienville Parish descr. as E 1/2 of SW 1/4 and NW 1/4 (sic); the W 1/2 of SW 1/4, all in Sec. 4 Twp. 16 Range 6 W. containing 200 acres more or less. Wtn. H. A. PERRYMAN, J. F. PIERSON.

Grant Parish, LA, Book C pg.56. On 24 Sept. 1878, SILVANA ALLISON sold to MRS. HENITTE LOUISE POWEL (sic), with authorization by her husband MR. A. POWELL, for $350 (payable $50 cash and balance in semi-annual notes) land: S 1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec. 36 Twp. 7 Range 3 W. containing 80 acres with buildings and improvements. Wtn. A. G. HORGES, WM. G. DEAL.

Grant Parish, LA, Book D pg.169. 10 Feb. 1881. ABRAHAM POWELL and H. L. POWELL sold for $400 to LOUIS FUTRELL land: S. 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec. 36 Twp. 7 N. of Range 3 W. containing 80 acres more or less. Wtn. H. W. CREED, WILEY FUTRELL.


Military Records

ABRAHAM POWELL, born in Macon County, GA, age 31, farmer, voluntarily enlisted on 8 May 1862 as a Confederate soldier for 3 years or duration of the war. Described as hazel eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 5 feet 7 1/2 inches; paid bounty of $50. Register of C.S.A. General Hospital, Shreveport, LA. Admitted 6 May 1864 with gunshot wound. Transferred 6 May 1864 to Mt. Lebanon, LA. Pvt. Co. A 30 Regt. LA. Infantry which subsequently became Co. A 28th (Gray's) Regt. LA Infty.

Tax Records

ABRAHAM POWELL, assessed $.63 by U.S. Govt.

(See CIVIL WAR TAX IN LOUISIANA: 1865, Polyanthos Publ., New Orleans, 1975.)

Bible Records

Bible of John J. L. Powell, deceased, in possession of Carrie Youngblood of Bienville Parish, LA, copied by Donald G. Hervey on 20 Feb. 1976.

Family Record Births:

ELBERT DANIEL (or DAVID) PRESTON (Or PEYTON) POWELL was born in the year of our Lord 1859 May 1

JOHN JOSEPHES LEFAITH POWELL was bornd in the year off our Lord 1861 March 2

GEORGE ABRAHAM POWELL was born on the 21st of March, the son of H. L. & A. POWELL 1863

LARKIN WILLIAM JASON (or JACSON) POWELL was bornd in the yer of our Lord 1866 May 11

NANCEY HENETTE (or HERRETTE) VICTORIA POWELL was born in the year off our Lord 186_(?) March 12th

JAMES HILBORN (or HILBROM) ANDERSON POWELL was born in the yer off our Lord 1870 September 20

SISSIE POWELL was bornd in the year of our Lord 1874 June the 25

MARY ELIZIBETH VIRGINIA POWELL was bornd in the year of our Lord 1875 June the 2nd

EUGENE HENRY HARRISON POWELL was bornd in the year of our Lord 1878 January 26(?) (or 6 or 8)

FLETCHOR COFINE (or CUTEIES) CHRISTOPHER POWELL was bornd in the year of our Lord 1880 October the 3 (or 30)

Servants Records Births

(There was a page showing Servants birth records that was very faint so as to be practically illegible)

Family Record Marriages & Births & Deaths

ABRAHAM POWELL was born in the year of our Lord 1830 Sept. 16

HENERIETTA LOUISA MITCHELL was born in the year of our Lord 1841 July 23

ABRAHAM POWELL departed this life in the year of our Lord 1888 July 20

HENRYETER LAUISA POWELL departed this life in the yaer of our Lord 1892 Nov. 5 (this is incorrect)

Family Record Deaths

NANCEY VICTORIA GREEN died August 15, 1951

FLETCHER POWELL died September 29, 1958

JAMES GRIFFIN CROWELL died Jan. 28, 1964 9:30 a.m.


GEORGE ABRAHAM POWELL departed this life September 16th, 1864

REBECCA ALMANA CATHARINE STONE departed this life on 21 September 1863 and her daughter Jula Ann was born on 22 of December 1862

TEMPRANCE MITCHELL departed this life on 27 of September 1863

SISSIE POWELL departed this life in the year of our Lord 1874 June the 25

J.(?) N.(?) G.(?) POWELL (this must be Larkin Wm. J. Powell) departed this life in year of our Lord Feb 11 (or 10) 1887 He died at Vicksburg

E. H. H. POWELL departed this life in the yare of our Lord August 1 1888 He died at Vicksburg

J. H. A. POWELL departed this life in the yare of our Lord May 16 1890 (This probably is 1894).

H. L. POWELL departed this life in the year of our Lord November 3 1907

E. D. POWELL departed this life in the yar of our Loard 19_9(?)

JOHN JSPH LEFAITH POWELL departed this life in the yare of our Lord 1941 March 3

Marriage Records

ABRAHAM POWELL and HENRIETTA MITCHELL, April 5, 1858, by M. B. WHITTLE, Esq., all of Edgefield District. (E.A.) (See Edgefield Marriage Records, by Carlee T. McClendon, pg. 126)

Married on Sunday the 5th inst., by M. B. WHITTLE, Esq., MR. ABRAHAM POWELL, and MISS HENRIETTA MITCHELL, all of Edgefield District. (See Marriage and Death Notices From Upper SC Newspapers 1843-1865, by Brent Holcomb, Publ. by Southern Historical Press, pg. 109.

Cemetery Records

Campground Cemetery, located north of Bienville, LA.

R. A. C. STONE, Dec. 22, 1832; Sept. 21, 1863 "We will meet Again"

EDNA T. wife of ANDREW MITCHELL born 1799 died 1863 "Her end was peace"

HENRETTA L. wife of A. POWELL born July 23, 1841 died Nov. 3, 1907 "Having served her generation by the will of God"

GEORGE A. son of A. & H. L. POWELL Mar. 21, 1863, Sept. 16, 1864 "All is well"

JAMES H. son of A. & H. L. POWELL Sept. 20 1870, May 15, 1894 "Gone but not forgotten"