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Joyce P. Hervey, Just Folk: The Crowell Family,

published 1984 Ó , revised 2000, for web publication


C H A P T E R   X


[Much of the information in this chapter was contributed by Mrs. Mary Crowell Calhoun of West Monroe, Louisiana.]

Ellen Sanders was born on the 15th of August in 1844 or 1846, in Mississippi. She was the daughter of Nancy [Ellison] Stapleton/Crowell and perhaps was adopted by John M. Crowell, as she later went by the name of Crowell.

Ellen's father is not known for certain. [It might have been Isaac Sanders. Isaac was a rev war soldier who at the age of 95 married Nancy Ellison, age 25, in Leake Co. MS on Dec. 29, 1843.] Or it might have been Aaron Sanders, a man who had known John M. Crowell and perhaps Nancy Stapleton/Crowell back in Mississippi and who had moved to Louisiana at about the same time, around 1848. (Census records show that Aaron Sanders took Ellen's brother, Greenbury Sanders, to live with him when he was a young lad, so it is likely that Aaron was related to Ellen in some way.)

Ellen was in Louisiana by 1850 when she was listed on the census of Jackson Parish, in the household of David and Nancy Stapleton, her mother and perhaps her uncle or stepfather. Ellen was called Elender Sanders, and was the eldest of three Sanders children. In 1860, the census showed her still in Jackson Parish, living in the household of John M. Crowell, the next door neighbor of her mother, Nancy Stapleton.

Ellen's name has not been located on the 1870 census. By 1880 she was living in the newly created Lincoln Parish, in Ward 4.

Ellen was the mother of four sons and one daughter: John Crowell, William Crowell, James Crowell, Della Crowell, and Samuel Crowell, all born in Louisiana.

According to present day family members, Ellen lived with her children in her later years. In 1900, Ellen and her son Samuel were living with Ellen's daughter Della, and Della's husband, Richard Williams, in Jackson Parish, Ward 1. She was listed on the census as a widow, 55 years old.

About 1915, Ellen went to live with her son William Lewis Crowell, who lived just across the parish line from Eros, Louisiana in Ouachita Parish. William had lost his wife, and Ellen took over the task of helping to raise four children, who were about 16, 11, 6, and 3 years old when their mother died.

Ellen died of cerebral apoplexy on the 5th or 6th of January in 1930, at Eros, and was buried in the Frantom Chapel cemetery near Eros, where three of her half-brothers were buried. She was about 85 years old at the time of her death.

The five children of Ellen Sanders/Crowell were:

1.  John Crowell; born ca 1864, in LA; died at age 18 (ca 1882), buried Antioch Cem., near Eros, LA.

2.  William Lewis Crowell; born 23 Oct. 1874, in Lincoln Par., LA; see later.

3.  James "Jimmy" Crowell; born Jan. 1877/78, in LA; twin; died 1887.

4.  Della Crowell; born Jan. 1877/78, in LA; twin; died 1952, Beaumont, TX; married 2 Nov. 1894 (see Ouachita Parish Marriages) to Richard Williams, who was born Oct. 1873, in LA.

Known issue, two:
(1) Levie Williams; born June 1896, in LA.
(2) Dennis Williams; born June 1898, in LA.

5.  Samuel Mixon Crowell; born 13 May 1883, in LA; died 24 Mar. 1951, buried at Frantom Chapel Cem., Eros, LA; married Susan Vaughn, who was born 22 May 1892, still living in 1982, age 90;

Issue, eight:
(1) Lemuel Crowell; born 18 Feb. 1910; died 11 Dec. 1912.
(2) Audrey Crowell; married Prentice King.
(3) Burlene Crowell; married Frank Boudreaux.
(4) Samuel G. Crowell, married Carrie Lewis.
(5) Docie Mae Crowell; married Trois Pettigrew.
(6) Breard Crowell, never married.
(7) Lillian B. Crowell; married Harold Ray Coon.
(8) Katherine Crowell; married Mervin "Buck" May
(9) Harold Ray Crowell


2. William Lewis Crowell

William Lewis Crowell, second child of Ellen Sanders-Crowell, was born on the 23rd of October in 1874 in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. He grew up in the Eros community where he attended elementary school and belonged to the Methodist church.

William, who was called "Billy", married a young girl named Ella May Phillips on January 23, 1897. May, born August 9, 1882 (or 1883), in Tyler, Texas, was eight years younger than Billy and was only about 14 years old when they married. She was the daughter of Gray Phillips and his wife Fannie Storey Phillips.

Billy and May had a family of four children, all born at Eros, Louisiana. Billy farmed and worked as a clerk in a store to support his family.

On March 13, 1915, when their youngest child was only 3 years old, May died. Fortunately for Billy and the children, Grandmother Ellen Crowell came to live with them and care for them.

Billy was married a second time in December 1915 to Lillie Phillips, a second cousin of his first wife; they had two children and later divorced. He was married a third time to Beulah Vaughn Lewis.

Billy Crowell died on the 18th of June in 1953, at West Monroe, LA. Both he and his wife were buried at the Antioch Cemetery in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

The four children of William Lewis Crowell and wife Ella May (Phillips) were:

1.  John Perry Crowell; born 26 Oct. 1898, Eros, LA; died 4 Oct. 1967, buried Antioch Cem., Eros, LA; married Dec. 1916 at Eros, LA to Katie Gunter, who was born 21 Sept. 1898; died 27 June 1965, buried Antioch Cem.

2.  Eunice Gladys Crowell; born 24 Apr. 1904, at Eros, LA; died 13 Nov. 1983; buried at Salem Cem.; attended the Church of God; was a housewife; married 31 Dec. 1917, at Eros, LA, to Hosea Russell, who was born 26 Nov. 1899, at Eros; he was a farmer; lived West Monroe, LA in 1982 in a nursing home;

Issue of Eunice and Hosea Russell, seven:
(1) Hansford Russell; born 17 Mar. 1919, at Eros, LA; married Evelyn Puckett.
(2) Ellery Russell; born 15 Aug. 1920, at Eros, LA; died 18 Mar. 1966, buried Frantom Chapel Cem., Eros; married Gladys Tinsley.
(3) Marie Russell; born 31 Dec. 1922, Eros, LA; married John McKnight.
(4) Myrta Reace Russell; born 11 Nov. 1927, at Eros, LA; married Everett Boyte.
(5) Elouise Russell; born 10 July 1930, at Eros; married Shelby Simmons.
(6) Carolyn Russell; born 21 Jan. 1932, at Eros; married Herbert Burkett.
(7) Reginald Russell; born 2 March 1941, at West Monroe, LA; married Barbara Leonard.

3.  Mary Elizabeth Crowell; born 5 Feb. 1909, at Eros, LA; died 31 Dec. 1983, at West Monroe, LA; buried at Roselawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery, at West Monroe; she belonged to the Baptist Church; was an elem. and special ed teacher; married 3 Nov. 1928, at Choudrant, LA, to Darrell L. Calhoun, who was born 24 Oct. 1904, in Lincoln Par., LA; he was a retired paper inspector; lived at West Monroe, LA in 1983;

Issue of Mary and Darrell Calhoun, three:
(1) Milburn Eugene Calhoun; born 15 Jan. 1930, at West Monroe, LA; Baptist; received BS & MD from Louisiana State Univ.; was a physician, publisher, bookseller; lived in New Orleans in 1982; married 14 July 1956, at New Orleans, to Nancy Kathryn Harris, publisher and bookseller, who was born 3 Oct. 1932, in Richmond, VA; she was the daughter of Floyd Damon Harris (who was born 23 Dec. 1896; died in 1960, buried in Morehead City, NC) and wife Kathleen Myrtle Purifoy (who was born 5 Mar. 1903; died Jan. 1955, buried Morehead City, NC);
    Issue, two:
(a)  Kathleen Elizabeth Calhoun
(b)  David Harris Calhoun; married Sharon Leigh Crosland
(2) Gloria Ann Calhoun; married James Gilbert Lee.
Issue, four:
(a)  Michael Wayne "Mike" Lee; married Elizabeth Charlene Dummit.
(b)  Phillip Scott Lee
(c)  Carol Denise Lee
(d)  Deborah Kay "Debbie" Lee
(3)  James Lynton Calhoun; married Sue Peters;
Issue, one:
(a)  Robert D. Calhoun

4.  Paul Lavelle Crowell; born 5 Dec. 1911, in Ouachita Par., LA; Baptist; lived at West Monroe, LA in 1982; married (1st) to Lola Gilliand; married (2nd) on 20 Oct. 1967 to Annette Bennett who was born at Eros, LA;

Issue of Paul Lavelle Crowell and first wife, one child:
(1)  Dr. Paul Lionel Crowell; married Mary Alice Turner.
Issue, two daughters:
(a)  Debbie Crowell; married Doug Fleming;
Issue, two sons:
(i)  Dustin Fleming
(ii) Derek Fleming
(b)  Lola Ione Crowell; married Chris Attaway;
Issue, one daughter:
(i)  Elisabeth Attaway

The two children of William Lewis Crowell and his second wife Lillie (Phillips) were:

1.  Howard Eugene Crowell; born 1 June 1919; died Feb. 1923 of burns suffered in a fire.

2.  Margie Mae Crowell; born 19 Dec. 1921; married Lucien A. "Sammie" Sawyer;

Issue, two:
(1)  Lucien A. "Sammy Sawyer, Jr.
(2)  Sylvia Marlene Sawyer
Records pertaining to Ellen Sanders/Crowell family:

U.S. Census


1860 Jackson Par., LA - See JOHN M. CROWELL

1870 ?

1880, Lincoln Par.,LA, Ward 4, e.d. 39, pg 7, 4 June: ELBIN CROWEL, w, f, 34, single, laborer, LA, not r/w; JOHN, w, m, 16, son, single, laborer, LA, not r/w; WILLIAM, w, m, 6, son, LA; JAMES, w, m, 3, son, LA; DELLA, w, f, 3, daughter, LA.

1900 Ouachita Par., LA, Ward 7, e.d. 94, pg 3: WILLIAM L. CROWELL, w, m, Oct. 1875, 24, married 3 yrs., born LA, father born MS, mother born MS, farmer, r/w, rents farm; ELLA M., wife, w, f, July 1883, 16, married 3 yrs., mother of one child still living, born TX, father born AL, mother born LA, r/w; JOHN P., son, w, m, Oct. 1898, 1, LA.

1900 Jackson Par., LA, Ward 1, e.d. 49, pg 6: RICHARD WILLIAMS, w, m, Oct. 1873, 26, married 5 yrs., born LA, father born MS, mother born AL, farmer, r/w, owns home free of mortgate; DELLA, wife, w, f, Jan. 1878, 22, married 5 yrs., mother of 2 both living, born LA, father's birthplace unknown, mother born MS; LEVIE, dau., w, f, June 1896, 3, LA; DENNIS, son, w, m, June 1898, 1, LA, ELLEN CROWELL, m-in-law, w, f, Sept. 1844, 55, widowed, born MS, father's bpl. Unknown, mother born MS; SAMUEL CROWELL, b-in-law, w, m, May 1883, 17, single, LA, farm laborer, r/w.

Cemetery Records

Franton Chapel Cem., located off Okaloosa Rd, Eros, LA.

Mother: ELLEN CROWELL, Aug. 15, 1846; Jan. 6, 1930; "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal".

LEMUEL, son of S. M. and S. CROWELL, Feb. 18, 1910; Dec. 11, 1912; "We can safely leave our boy, Our darling, in thy trust".

CROWELL: SUSAN V. CROWELL, May 22, 1892, - ; SAM M. CROWELL, May 13, 1883; Mar. 24, 1951; "Rest is thine and sweet remembrance ours".

HOWARD LEO CROWELL, Aug. 6, 1943; Dec. 23, 1943; "A Little angel has flown" twin tombstone with next:

SAMUEL G. CROWELL, JR., Apr. 6, 1941; Dec. 23, 1943; "Darling we miss thee".

Antioch Cem., Eros, LA off Hwy. 34

CROWELL: WILLIAM LEWIS, Oct. 23, 1874; June 18, 1953; MAY PHILLIPS, Aug. 9, 1882; Mar. 13, 1915; "Our love goes with you and our souls wait to join you".

CROWELL: JOHN PERRY (father), Oct. 26, 1898; Oct. 4, 1967. KATIE GUNTER (mother), Sept. 21, 1898; June 27, 1965. "They can never quite leave us, although they have passed, a thousand sweet memories are holding them fast".

Death Records

Ouachita Par., LA, Reg. # 2360: Mrs. ELEN CROWELL, female, white, widowed, born MS, date of death Jan. 5, 1930, age 83 yrs, cause of death Cerebral apoplexy, buried Frantom Chapel on Jan 6, att. Physician, N. S. HOLMES of Eros; father's name SANDERS, birthplace unknown; mother's maiden name ELLEN SANDERS, birthplace unknown, informant of death, S. M. CROWELL.

Ouachita Par., LA, Reg. #8-257: WILLIAM L. CROWELL, m, w, widowed, born Oct. 23, 1874, Lincoln Par., LA, age 78 yrs, 8 mo, 25 da, retired, not a veteran; resided West Monroe, LA; died West Monroe rural, LA,

Ouachita Par., of cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, cardiovascular disease on 18 June 1953 at 10:50 am, buried at Antioch Cem. By Hall Funeral Home of Monroe; att. Physician J. FRENCH - coroner; name and bpl. Of father unknown; maiden name of mother ELLEN HOLSTEAD (this is incorrect on the death certificate; it should be SANDERS); bpl. Unknown; informant of death PAUL L. CROWELL.

Ouachita Par., LA, Reg. # 3747: SAM M. CROWELL, male, white, born May 13, 1883, age 67 yrs, 10 mo, 11 da, born Ward 7, LA, lived Eros all his life, occupation planter, not a vereran; died Eros Rt 1, on Mar. 24, 1951 at 6:25 p.m. of coronary occlusion, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, buried Frantom Chapel on Mar. 26, by Hall Funeral home; attending physician J. T. FRENCH - coroner; wife SUSAN N. CROWELL; father's name JOHN CROWELL, born MS; mother's maiden name ELLEN CROWELL, born MS; informant Mrs. BURLENE BOUDREAUX.

Conveyances of Jackson Par., LA

W. L. CROWELL, G. P. PHILLIPS, JR, Bk U pg 91, deed, 9/17/1917

W. L. CROWELL, J. B. COLLINS, Bk U pg 507, deed, 12/6/1917

W. L. CROWELL, E. L. KIDD, Bk U, page 507, deed, 12/6/1917

W. L. CROWELL, B. K. WATSON, Bk 31 pg 209 Tax deed, 6/19/1920

W. L. CROWELL, HOSEA RUSSELL, Bk 31 pg 208, tax deed, 6/19/1920

W. L. CROWELL, A. J. FUNDERBURK, Bk 31 pg 408, red. Tax deed, 9/1/1920

W. L. CROWELL, Mrs. M. J. SIMS, Bk 31 pg 478, deed, 8/23/1920

W. L. CROWELL, Mrs. M. J. SIMS, Bk 33 pg 379, deed 4/7/1922

W. L. CROWELL, G. P. PHILLIPS, JR., Bk 35 pg 277, deed 9/26/1924

W. L. CROWELL, G. P. PHILLIPS, JR., Bk 37 pg 11, deed, 2/20/1926

W. L. CROWELL, R. A. HAYDEN, Bk 38 pg 128, cr deed, 1/14/1928 - 18908

JOHN CROWELL, G. P. PHILLIPS, JR, Bk T pg 577, deed, 4/2/1917

JOHN P. CROWELL, Mrs. LULA PRITCHARD, Bk 31 pg 522, deed, 9/28/1920

JOHN P. CROWELL, L. R. PHILLIPS, Bk 35 pg 70, deed, 4/19/1924


Mrs. MARY E. (CROWELL) CALHOUN, West Monroe, LA; 1982

Mr. JAMES L. CALHOUN, Baton Rouge, LA, 1982

Mr. MILBURN E. CALHOUN, New Orleans, LA, 1982


Mrs. BONNIE WHITTINGTON, Independence, LA, 1983

Mrs. GLORIA LEE, of Calhoun, LA, 1983