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Joyce P. Hervey, Just Folk: The Crowell Family,

published 1984 Ó , revised 2000, for web publication


C H A P T E R   V I I I


Born in 1856 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, the eighth child and seventh son of John M. and Nancy Crowell, young Emmanuel Crowell's early years were no doubt colored by events preceding onset of the Civil War. His early childhood years were influenced not only by the War, but also by the early death of his parents, which occurred when he was no more than 14 years old and perhaps a good while before.

By 1880, Emmanuel had left Louisiana and moved to Arkansas, where he was shown on the census of Nevada County, living with his older brother John Crowell (2nd).

On November 17, 1880, Emmanuel married Myra Jane Ashbrook(s) in Malvern, Arkansas. Myra Ashbrook(s), born 1852/54 in Montgomery County, Arkansas, was the daughter of Alfred Elkins Ashbrook(s) and his wife Ann Whiteside. [See more on the Ashbrooks at the end of this chapter.]

The first child of Myra and Emmanuel was Maude Malora, born in Nevada County Arkansas in 1882, after which time the young family moved to Sabine Parish, Louisiana, to be near Emmanuel's brothers Martin, Henry, and Sylvester Crowell. Emmanuel purchased a homestead in the Many-Florien-Zwolle area, which he farmed. He also worked in the timber business, which was becoming an important industry and which helped to speed economic recovery of Louisiana in the years following the Civil War.

Four more children were born to Emmanuel and Myra while they were in Sabine Parish: Ethel, Sidney, Sylvester, and Josephine; the latter two dying in infancy. Louisiana was a harsh land in those days, and many died from fevers and other ailments.

In the spring of 1898 or 1899, Emmanuel suffered an injury to his leg, while he was working for one of the timber companies, and he died soon afterwards of blood poisoning. He was buried in Louisiana, probably in the Many-Florien-Zwolle area.

Myra Crowell, at the time of her husband's death, was in poor health, and she was unable to work the homestead while attending to her young family alone, so she returned to Montgomery County, Arkansas to be near other relatives. First they stayed at a place near Glenwood for about a year, with Myra's nephew Monroe Stafford. The next four years were spent with another nephew, John Adcock. By this time, Myra felt the need for a home of her own, so she sold the Crowell homestead in Louisiana and bought a home in Montgomery County from her nephew, Tom Callaway.

The years in Montgomery County were remembered fondly by Myra's daughter Ethel, who was only four or five years old when her father died and the family moved back to Arkansas. Nearly three-quarters of a century later, Ethel dictated some of her recollections to her daughter-in-law, Audrey W. McCully, of Hot Springs, Arkansas: "I attended what was known as Five Mile School, a one-room, three-months school, and while I had several teachers, both men and women, the one I remember best is Miss Myrtle Sandlin. Spelling bees, plays, and recitations were important parts of our schooling in those days. My family attended the County Line Methodist Church, and also, from time to time, the Forest Hill Baptist Church. At the latter church, I remember the Rev. Mr. Burns. He had one daughter, Matilda 'Tildy' Burns, who married Boston Heathcox. In her latter years, 'Aunt Tildy' lived in Hot Springs and did beautiful hand quilting. Miss Lillian Alford, the daughter of Dr. Alford from Glenwood, sang in the choir at Forest Hill Baptist Church and was well known for her lovely voice."

"The young people of our community enjoyed such entertainments as box suppers, candy breakings, cake cuttings (at which the prettiest girl and the ugliest boy won cakes!), oyster suppers, strawberry festivals, and the old-fashioned ice cream socials, all usually held either at the school house or the church. One outstanding annual event was the Fourth of July community picnic, with washtubs filled with lemonade and a good supply of watermelons. There were also swings pulled by horses which the young people paid to ride. Music and dancing also accompanied these get-togethers"

"Because my sister, Maude, was thirteen years older than I, my brother, Sidney, only five years older, was a closer companion during my girlhood. He always called me Beth. Our cousin, John Adcock, assisted my mother in the managing of her farm home and in overseeing us children in addition to attending to his own family's needs...."

Myra Crowell spent her last thirteen years with her daughter Ethel Crowell McCully's family in Hot Springs. She died on April 23, 1928 and was buried in an unmarked grave in the Morning Star cemetery in Hot Springs.

The five children of Emmanuel Milton Crowell and his wife Myra Jane Ashbrook(s) Crowell were:

1.  Maude Malora Crowell; born 19 Jan. 1882, in Nevada Co., AR; married Alphonso "Phonsie" Peeples on 19 Feb. 1911 at Caddo Gap, AR in Montgomery Co. Phonsie was born 27 July 1882 at Okolona, Clark Co., AR, worked as a farmer and lumberman. Maude died 30 May 1977 at Gurdon, AR; Phonsie died on 28 Nov. 1943; both buried at Brown Cem., Beirne, AR;

Issue two:
(1) Dorothy Peeples, who died in infancy.
(2) Vernon Peeples; born 10 Aug. 1915 at Beirne, AR; was living at Gurdon, AR in 1983; married on 11 Feb. 1939 in Clarke Co., AR, to Mayelle Lorene Langley; later divorced;
Issue, one dau.:
(a) Janie Margaret Peeples; born 28 Nov. 1939, Gurdon, AR; died 24 Mar. 1946, at Smackover, AR, buried Harp Cemetery at Malvern, AR.

2.  Sidney Crowell; born 26 Oct. 1889, in Sabine Par., LA; worked for the Kansas City Southern Railroad as a brakeman on the run from Heavener, OK to Mena, AR; suffered poor health, moved to Gurdon, AR, and worked in a railroad shop until his death on 3 Sept. 1915, at age 26; buried at Rose Hill Cemetery near Beirne, AR; married Molly Sublett; no known issue.

3.  Ethel Crowell; born 4 Dec. 1894, Sabine Par., LA; see later.

4.  Sylvester Crowell, died infancy.

5.  Josephine Crowell, died infancy.



Ethel Crowell was born in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, between Florien and Many, on the fourth of December 1894. She was the youngest child of Emmanuel M. Crowell and his wife Myra Jane Ashbrook(s). After her father died, when she was about four or five years old, the family moved to Montgomery County, Arkansas, where her mother's relatives lived.

In her memoirs, dictated when she was about 82 years old to her daughter-in-law, Audrey McCully, Ethel related: "When I was about 15 or 16 years of age, I went to live in Caddo Gap with Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Wasson in order to help Mrs. Wasson with household work and to attend school there. The Wassons were prominent in the community. They owned farmland across the Caddo River and owned and operated a general store as well. It is my recollection that at one time, Mr. Wasson entered politics, perhaps running for the state senate.

"In 1913" (on February 15 at Hot Springs) "I married Grover Cleveland (Cleve) McCully. We met when his parents, James Kimball McCully and Sarah Nobles McCully, lived near Hickory Station. My husband and I later moved to Hot Springs where most of the McCully family eventually settled." Grover C. McCully was born the 25th of November 1888 in Garland County, Arkansas and died the 18th of September 1958. He was buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Hot Springs. He was a farmer and timber worker.

Ethel concluded, "As a closing biographical note, I would state that in 1928 I began work in the housekeeping department of the old Eastman Hotel in Hot Springs. From the Eastman, I went to the Majestic Hotel, and later to the Velda Rose Motel, where I was housekeeper until my retirement in 1965." Ethel was still living in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1983.

The five sons of Ethel (Crowell) and her husband Grover Cleveland McCully were:

1.  Owen Augustus McCully; born 23 Dec. 1913, at Little Rock, AR; died 1 Jan. 1968, at Denver, CO, buried Memorial Gardens, Hot Springs, AR; he was a map draftsman; married (1st) Florence Catherine Moreland, who was born 12 Dec. 1918, at Pine Bluff, AR; died 20 May 1962, at Tulsa, OK; cremated Memorial Park, Tulsa; Owen married (2nd) Mrs. Georgia Fox of Casper, WY, divorced, no issue; Owen married (3rd) Mrs. Bessie May "Betty" Morgan, of Casper, WY, who survived him, no issue;

Issue by (1st) wife, one son:
(1) Michael Moreland McCully; married Annette Huot Dennis, later divorced;

2.  Cleveland Sidney McCully; born 8 Nov. 1915, Little Rock, AR; retired letter carrier; was living at Hot Springs in 1983; Episcopalian; married 20 Feb. 1940, in Hot Springs, to Audrey Louise Wenger, who was born 20 Feb. 1917, at St. Louis, MO;

Issue, two:
(1) Sidney Michael McCully; married Linda (Baum) Stewart,
(2) Katherine Louise McCully; married William Radford Randel

3.  Ernest Haskel "Buddy" McCully; born 14 May 1917, Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR; retired motel manager; lived Hot Springs in 1982; attended Nazarene Church; married 25 Dec. 1945, at Hot Springs, to Eva Burlene Parker, who was born 20 June 1924, at Hot Springs;

Issue, two:
(1) Patricia Burlene McCully
(2) Ernest Haskel McCully, Jr.

4.  Howard McFarland McCully; born 29 Dec. 1921, at Hot Springs, AR; instructor with National Cash Register; Baptist; was living at Dayton, OH in 1983; married 18 Aug. 1963, at Hot Springs, to Pauline Mildred Couch (widow of Anthony Langos).

Issue of Howard and Pauline McCully, one dau:
(1) Melanie Sue McCully

5.  James Kimball McCully; born 13 April 1925, at Hot Springs, AR; retired U. S. Mail Carrier; lived Hot Springs in 1982; Baptist; married 13 Nov. 1948, at Hot Springs, to Mary Elizabeth Branch, who was born 26 Jan. 1925, at Hot Springs; worked Southwest Bell;

Issue, two:
(1) Nancy Carol McCully; married George Wylie Shipp.
(2) James Kimball "Kim" McCully, Jr.;


Records that pertain to Emmanuel M. Crowell

U. S. Census

1860 Jackson Par., LA; see JOHN M. CROWELL

1870 ?

1880 Nevada Co., AR; see JOHN CROWELL (2nd)


Index to U. S. Tract Book, NW Land Dist (Old Natchitoches Dist) in LA State Land Office at Baton Rouge, LA, Book 62, pg 50: Index shows A. MILTON CROWELL, who is probably the same. In the same index and in Book 62 are his brothers, HENRY and MARTIN CROWELL.


AUDREY W. McCULLY of Hot Springs, AR.



The Ashbrook(s) were said to have lived in Montgomery and Nevada Counties in Arkansas from as early as the mid 1850's or thereabouts. Alfred Elkins Ashbrook(s), the earliest known ancestor of this name, who lived in Arkansas, was said to have traveled regularly to Hot Springs to bathe in the thermal waters when there were only Indian huts around. He married Ann Whiteside.

The eight children of Alfred Elkins Ashbrook(s) and his wife Ann were:

1.  Julia Ann "Julie" Ashbrook; born 3 Aug. 1827 in LA; died 17 Nov. 1904 in Caddo Gap, AR, buried at the County Line Cem. in Glenwood, AR; married (1st) on 17 Aug. 1845 in Saline County, AR to William S. Lockert, who was born ca 1810, and died on 14 Jan. 1847 in Saline County, AR. William was the son of James and Eleanor __?__ Lockert. William had been married previously to Georgia Ann Caldwell; (no information is available about any offspring from his first marriage).

Julie was married (2nd) on 30 Aug. 1849 in Saline Co., AR to John Percy Stroope, who was born 10 July 1827 in AR; died 13 Feb. 1863, near Shelbyville, TN, probably in military action. John Stroope enlisted in the Confederate Army as a volunteer on 1 Jan. 1863, and served in Co. E, 2 mounted rifles. John Percy Stroope had the following children, said to have been his from another marriage, but who were raised by his wife, Julie: (1) Anna E. Stroope, born 15 March 1852 in AR; (2) Arta Macie Stroope, born 21 March 1854 in AR; (3) Nancy Dolly Stroope, born 10 July 1859 in AR; (4) Mary Stroope, born 29 June 1860 in AR; (5) Missouri "Zourie" E. Stroope, born 23 Jan 1862 in AR; who married William Terrell.

Julie was married (3rd) on 15 Jan. 1865 in Clark Co., AR to Josiah Sorrells Stafford, who was born 15 Sept. 1816, in Giles County, TN; died 21 Nov. 1886 in Clark Co., AR, buried at County Line Cem., Glenwood, AR; he was son of Ivey and Polly Stafford. Josiah's first wife was Elizabeth V. Whitehead.

Issue by (1st) husband, one daughter:
(1) Susannah E. Lockert; born 13 Aug. 1847 in Saline County, AR; died 6 Sept. 1904; married on 29 July 1860 in Palmer, TX to John B. Mercer.
Issue by (2nd) husband, one son:
(1) George Fieldon Stroope; born 30 May 1856 in AR; married (1st) on 15 Nov. 1876 to Johnnie Ella McClain; George married again following his wife's death to Buella Sybil Waters, who died in Amity, AR on 5 Feb. 1932, was buried in the Jones Cem. at Amity.;
Issue by (1st) wife:
(a) W. Delton Stroope, who lived at North Little Rock, AR.
(b) John Stroope, who lived at Oxnard, CA.
(c) Carrie Stroope; died 6 Dec. 1982, at Glenwood, AR, buried in County Line Cem. at Glenwood; she was the widow of J. B. Parton.
(d) Daisy Stroope; married O. D. Story; lived at North Little Rock, AR.
(e) Hollie Stroope; married Mr. Moran; lived at Little Rock, AR.
(f) daughter; who married Paul Marcom; lived at Jonesboro, AR.
(g) Theda Stroope; married Mr. Miller; lived at Evansville, IN.
(h) Edna Lenora "Nora" Stroope; born 12 March 1882 near Glenwood, AR; died 4 June 1976, at Clarksville, TN, buried at the 1st United Methodist Church Cemetery at Amity, AR; she was the widow of Dr. A. R. Pinkerton (who died 4 June 1976).
Issue by (3rd) husband, two:
(1) Monroe Stafford; born 18 June 1867 in Alpine, Clark Co., AR; died 20 Feb. 1956; married on 21 Nov. 1876 to Etta Lorraine Callaway.
(2) Josiah Stafford; born 11 Oct. 1869 in Cold Bath, Clark Co., AR; died 21 Nov. 1876 of polio.

2.  Jeanette Ashbrook; married Matthew Callaway, who had had children by a first wife, (some of them were Tom, Lona, Ettie, and Hattie Callaway).

Issue of Jeanette and Matthew Callaway, one son:
(1) Jesse Callaway.

3.  Elizabeth "Betty" Ashbrook; married Ellis Sims Adcock;

Known issue, one son:
(1) Ellis Columbus Adcock, who died 1909; married Cornelia "Neelie" Rebecca McLain, who died 5 May 1954. Ellis and Neelie were early residents of Montgomery Co., AR, and lived near Hickory Station. Neelie was the daughter of W. L. McLain, postmaster and school teacher at Hickory Station, and his wife Martha Ann Moore;
Issue, five, (all born in Montgomery Co.):
(a) Clara Adcock, who died in infancy.
(b) Omer Dewitt Adcock; died 20 May 1957, buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery at Hot Springs; married Birdie Sellers, who died 7 Jan. 1972, buried Memorial Gardens; Birdie Sellers had been married previously to Sherman Hellums, with issue one dau., Mrs. Marie Bledsoe;
Issue of Omer and Birdie were two:
(i) Mrs. Ethel Harrison.
(ii) Ellis Duard Adcock.
(c) Stella Mae Adcock; unmarried, lived Hot Springs in 1976.
(d) Lola Belle Adcock; unmarried, died 20 Sept. 1956.
(e) Virgil Paul Adcox; lived Hot Springs in 1976; married Myrtle Jorden, who died 26 Nov. 1965; members of this family are buried at the County Line Cemetery near Glenwood, AR.

4.  Billy Ashbrook, married __?__;

Known issue five:
(1) William Alvie Ashbrook; married Josie Annie Thomason;
Issue at least one dau.; (a) Willia Ashbrook of Hot Springs ca 1976, married Talbert Phillips.
(2) Darrius Ashbrook.
(3) Sidney Ashbrook.
(4) Mollie Ashbrook; born 20 Feb. 1879 near Glenwood, AR; she resided at the Caddo Valley Nursing Home in Glenwood for many years until she died on 7 July 1980 at the age of 101 and was buried at the Jones Cemetery in Amity, AR. She was the widow of Joe Campbell, who was born 20 Feb. 1879, near Glenwood, AR.
(5) Josephine Ashbrook.

5.  Martha Ashbrook; married Tom Riggs; lived near Prescott, AR.

6.  Susan Ashbrook; married Nick Andrews, lived near Gurdon, AR.

7.  Cephus Ashbrook, bachelor.

8.  Myra Jane Ashbrook; born ca 1852-54, Montgomery Co., AR; died 23 Apr. 1928, buried in an unmarked grave in the Morning Star Cemetery, at Hot Springs, AR; married Emmanuel Milton Crowell on 17 Nov. 1880, at Malvern, AR (See Emmanuel M. Crowell for descendants).

[This section of the chapter on the Ashbrook family was contributed in 1982 and 1983 by Mrs. AUDREY W. McCULLY of Hot Springs, AR. Her information came from memoirs of Mrs. ETHEL CROWELL McCULLY, and from Mr. GERALD A. MERCER, of Riverside, CA, who is a great-grandson of JULIA ANN ASHBROOK.]