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Joyce P. Hervey, Just Folk: The Crowell Family,

published 1984 Ó , revised 2000, for web publication


C H A P T E R   V I I


Born on the 8th of October in 1853 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, Robert Crowell was the seventh child and sixth son of John M. Crowell and his wife Nancy. Family tradition is that Robert was orphaned while a young boy and was taken in to live with an older sister, [Miranda], who married Will Toms. Robert married Nancy Clotilda Smith in Hood County Texas before 1880 [22 Oct. 1879]. Nancy was born on the 14th of August in 1860 in Tennessee or in Georgia. She was the daughter of Daniel Newton Smith and his wife Ella Catherine Morris Smith. Robert farmed a homestead near Paluxy, Hood County, Texas, where his six children were born. The family attended the Baptist Church.

Robert Crowell died on the 26th of January 1924 in Hood County, Texas, and was buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery at Granbury, Texas. Nancy died June 15, 1930 and was buried at Bovina, Parmer County, Texas near where some of her children lived.


The six children of Robert Crowell and wife Nancy Clotilda (Smith) were:

1.  Ella Catherine Crowell; born 9 Aug. 1880, near Paluxi, Hood Co., TX; died in Rosamond, CA in 1953 and was buried there; married at Tolar, TX, to Johnny Owens Lee, who was born at Fort Smith, AR. He was the son of James Lee and Martha Dykers Lee. They attended the Baptist Church. Johnny was a farmer, and Ella a homemaker.

Issue nine:
(1) Walter Lee; born in OK; died 1972 in La Luz, NM, and was buried there.
(2) James Lee; born Mt. Park, NM; died 1968 and was buried at Rosamond, CA.
(3) Mildred Lee; born in 1912 at Mt. Park, NM.
(4) Mary Lee; born at Mt. Park, NM; died in 1975 and was buried at El Paso, TX.
(5) Ethel Lee; born at Mt. Park, NM.
(6) Baulah Lee; born at Mt. Park, NM.
(7) Johnny F. Lee; born at Geronimo, AR, died and was buried there.
(8) Raymond Lee; born at Mt. Park, NM.
(9) Robert Lee; born at Mt. Park, NM.

2.  Robert Lee Crowell; born 15 Nov. 1882 in Hood Co. TX; died 4 Nov. 1957 at Granbury, TX; married Ada Harkins, who was born 4 June 1888 in GA, and died 4 May 1974 at Granbury; both buried at Mt. Pleasant Cem. at Granbury. Ada was the dau. of John Harkins and Julia Winn Harkins. Robert was a farmer. They attended the Baptist Church;

Issue four:
(1) John Wilborn Crowell; born 24 Sept. 1911, in Hood Co., TX; married Lois Hobgood at Hillsboro on 18 Nov. 1933. Lois, a teacher, was born 29 April 1909; she was the daughter of William Henry Hobgood and Tella Letita (Alexander).
Issue three:
(a) John Todd Crowell; married (1) Jean Irwin, (2) Barbara Nichols
(b) Linda Pat Crowell; married John Southall Miller
(c) Robin Dian Crowell; married William Robert Woodard
(2) Julian Scott Crowell; born 4 Feb. 1915, in Hood Co., TX; married 9 July 1938 Mary Pauline Williams
(3) Rosamond Ella Crowell; born 16 Jan. 1922, in Hood Co., TX; married Leroy Berry.
(4) Wilda Myrtle Crowell; born 11 July 1928, in Hood Co., TX; married William Tipton Brooks.

3.  Cora May Crowell; born 10 Apr. 1887, near Paluxi, in Hood Co., TX; died 8 Apr. 1962 at Lubbock, TX; married in Hood Co. to Jeson Mayo, who was born 29 Mar. 1887 at Grandbury, Hood Co., TX; died 28 Dec. 1947 at Lubbock, TX; both buried at Brownfield, TX;

Issue five:
(1) William Henry Mayo; born 3 Jan., 1911, at Hood Co., TX.
(2) O'Dell Dwight Mayo; born 4 Dec. 1913, at Hood Co., TX; died 15 Jan. 1979, at Houston, TX, buried Sweetwater, TX.
(3) Robert Lee Mayo; born in 1915, at Hood Co., TX; died 16 Nov. 1957, at Canyon, TX, buried Brownfield, TX.
(4) Estella A. Mayo; born 26 Aug. 1921, at Roundtree, Fisher Co., TX; died 5 Sept. 1978 at Lubbock, TX, buried Lubbock.
(5) Marie Edna Mayo; born 28 Jan. 1923, at Roundtree, Fisher Co., TX.

4.  William C. Crowell; born 5 Feb. 1889, at Hood Co., TX; died 10 July 1980, at Amarillo, TX and was buried there; married at Hood Co., TX to Bessie Porter, who was born in 1891 in Hood Co.; she was dau. of Dick and Ella Porter. William and Bessie attended the Baptist Church. William was a farmer. Bessie lived at the High Plains Nursing Home in Amarillo in 1982;

Issue two:
(1) Harvey Lyn Crowell; born 31 Jan. 1915, at Hood Co., TX; married LeNora Sells;
(2) Winfred Dale Crowell; born in 1923, at Hood Co., TX; married Edna Zweifel;

5.  Oran H. Crowell; born 22 Nov. 1892, near Paluxi, Hood Co., TX; see later.

6.  Infant daughter; born 14 July 1895, at Hood County, TX; died in Sept. 1895, and buried in Hood Co.



Oran H. Crowell was born in Hood County, Texas on the 22nd of November, 1892. He was the fifth child and third son of Robert Crowell and Nancy Clotilda Smith Crowell. Oran's early years were spent on the family farm near Paluxy in Hood County.

On January 10, 1919, twenty-seven year old Oran married a young girl named Ola Mae Mitchell, who was the daughter of Grief L. Mitchell and his wife Oneida O. O'Sullivan Mitchell. Ola had been born May 9, 1900 in Somervell County, Texas, a neighbor of Hood County. She was eighteen years old when they married.

Oran and Ola moved out to the Texas Panhandle before their first child, Charles Eddie, was born on January 15, 1920, at Turkey, in Hall County, Texas. They apparently moved back to Hood County for a while, as their second child, Vergie Pearl, was born in Hood County on April 20, 1922. Their remaining four children were born in the Texas Panhandle area in Childress and Parmer Counties or across the border in Clovis, New Mexico.

Oran's livelihood was farming. Ola became a dietician. They attended the Baptist Church.

Oran died on the 11th of August in 1980, at Amarillo, Texas, and was buried at Bovina, Texas. In 1982, Ola, at age 82, lived at Canyon, Texas.


The six children of Oran Crowell and his wife Ola Mae (Mitchell) were:

1.  Charles Eddie Crowell; born 15 Jan. 1920, at Turkey, Hall Co., Texas; was educated at West Texas State Univ. at Canyon, TX, having received a Master's Degree; attended the Baptist Church; worked as a land appraiser; lived at Dallas, TX in 1982; was married on 29 June 1941, at Lubbock, TX to Jean Howze, who was born 22 Oct. 1922 at Dalhart, TX; she also attended WTSU, was a homemaker, and worked as a secretary; she is the daughter of Willis Howze and C. Harriet Cagle Howze;

Issue three:
(1) Charles Curtis Crowell
(2) Craig Willis Crowell
(3) Clifton Crowell

2.  Vergie Pearl Crowell; born 20 April 1922, at Hood Co., TX; attended West Texas State College, at Canyon, TX; belonged to the Baptist Church; taught elementary school in Tucumcari, NM in 1982; married (1st) at Pratt, KS, to Francis F. Reno, who was born 24 Aug. 1922 at Pinconning, MI, he also attended W.T.S.C.; was a welder "boiler maker". Vergie married (2nd) a Mr. Statt; their only child, Shannon Lynn Statt, was born and died on 9 June 1965 at Clayton, NM;

Issue by (1st) husband, five:
(1) Charles LaVern Reno
(2) Jerry Lee Reno; married (1st) Ginger __?__; married (2nd) to Cary __?__;
(3) Kaye Frances Reno; married Jimmy Williamson;
(4) Michael Oran Reno; married Tina __?__;
(5) Glenn Franklin Reno

3.  Ola Faye Crowell; born 9 May 1926, at Childress, Texas; was Baptist; received education at West Texas State College, at Canyon, TX; worked as a Librarian at W.T.S.C.; married at Canyon to Robert Bruce Hendrickson 2nd, who was born 6 April 1924 at Childress; educated at W.T.S.C., worked as a draftsman; they lived at Canyon in 1982. Robert was the son of Robert Hendrickson 1st and Viola Ackerman Hendrickson;

Issue two:
(1) Robert Bruce Hendrickson 3rd
(2) Larry Dywane Hendrickson; married Donna __?__;

4.  Ina Lee Crowell; born 17 July 1929, at Bovina, Parmer Co., TX; Methodist; married 10 Nov. 1950 at Canyon, TX (marriage recorded in Lubbock, TX) to James Louis Cooke, who was born 20 Sept. 1929 at Canyon, Randall Co., TX, son of Elzie Buck Cooke and Vita Ruby Heasley Cooke. James was a professor at Lamar Tech; they lived at Beaumont, TX in 1982;

Issue two:
(1) Ruth Diane Cooke
(2) Linda Fay Cooke

5.  Ruth Ann Crowell; married Kenneth David Ringo

Issue three:
(1) Kenneth D. Ringo
(2) Cindy Ringo
(3) Debbie Ringo

6.  Billie Jeanne Crowell; born 15 Dec. 1935, at Clovis, NM; died July 1941 at Amarillo, TX, buried at Bovina, TX.


Records that pertain to the Robert Crowell family:

U. S. Census

1860 Jackson Par., LA; see JOHN M. CROWELL

1870 ?

1880 ?

1900 Hood Co., TX, e.d. 94, pg 6, ROBERT CROWELL, w, m, Dec. 1853, 46, LA, parents born LA, married 21 yrs., farmer, owns farm, r/w; NANCY F. CROWELL, wife, w, f, Aug. 1860, 39, TN, mother born TN, father AR; ELLIE, dau., w, f, Aug. 1880, 19, TX, farm laborer; ROBERT L., son, w, m, Nov. 1882, 17, TX, farm laborer, r/w; CORA M., dau., w, f, Apr. 1887, 13, TX, at sch.; WILLIE C., son, w, m, Feb. 1889, 11, TX, at sch.; ORIN, son, w, m, Nov. 1892, 7, TX.


Mrs. VERGILE CROWELL STATT of Tucumcari, NM, 1982

Updates from Rosa Berry, 3 June 1987 (from family Bible)