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Joyce P. Hervey, Just Folk: The Crowell Family,

published 1984 Ó , revised 2000, for web publication


C H A P T E R  I


Three Crowell families moved to Jackson Parish, Louisiana about 1848. They were the families of John M. Crowell, Peter F. Crowell, and Willey S. Crowell. Since it was the custom during the early days of the settling of new territories for members of families to move together, it is probable that the three Crowell families were related. All three of the Crowell men were farmers. On the 1850 census, they each listed their birthplace as Alabama; they each had previously lived in Mississippi; and they each had come to Louisiana at about the same time.

The Crowells came to Jackson Parish, Louisiana from Leake County, Mississippi. Recorded on the Leake County census of 1840 were the names of John M. Crowell and Mrs. S. Crowell. Mrs. S. Crowell's family consisted of 3 children (two boys and one girl) in addition to herself. Perhaps she was John M. Crowell's mother, as well as mother of the three children living with her.

Mrs. S. Crowell was born about 1800-1810. Her name was not found on the indexes of the 1850 census of either Louisiana or Mississippi. She apparently did not move to Louisiana with either of the Crowell families. [A Peter Crowell is on record as having married Sarah Sanders in Clark County, Alabama on 2 July 1818. This Sarah (Sanders) Crowell is believed to be the Mrs. S. Crowell living next to John M. Crowell in Leake County, Miss. in 1840, who was probably the mother of John M. Crowell. According to a sexton's report, dated 21 Sep. 1839 and published in the Vicksburg Daily Whig on 28 Sep. 1839 at Vicksburg, Miss., a Peter Crowell, age 35, resident of Tenn., died of fever. Names and dates favor a connection to the Louisiana Crowells.]

For the purpose of organizing this book, the three Crowell men who moved to Louisiana about 1848 will be treated as brothers, sons of Mrs. S. Crowell; however, the evidence of their relationship is not conclusive.

Probable children of Mrs. S[arah Sanders]. Crowell:

1.  John M. Crowell; born about 1819 or 1820 in Alabama; died about 1862-1870; see Chapter II.
2.  Peter F. Crowell; born about 1825 in Alabama; may have died before 1855 in Louisiana; no records on him have been found after 1853, when he sold land in Bienville Parish; married Jane __?__, who was born about 1821, in Alabama; (in Bienville Parish, LA a Mrs. Emily Jane Crowell married John Brooks on 25 Mar. 1855; she may have been the widow of Peter F. Crowell); Known Issue, three:
(1) Sarah Adlin Crowell; born ca. 1844 in MS; married on 19 Oct. 1859 in Sabine Parish, LA to Thomas I. Long;
(2) James Crowell; born ca. 1846 in MS;
(3) Margaret J. Crowell; born ca. 1848 in LA; married on 6 Oct. 1870 in Sabine Parish, LA to Isaac Chaddick.
3.  Willey S. Crowell; born about 1826 in Alabama; see next.



[Thanks to Ruth and Lindy Sims of Odessa, Texas for
contributing most of the information on this branch of the family]


Willey S. Crowell was probably the third son of Mrs. S. Crowell and brother of both Peter F. and John M. Crowell. He was born in Alabama about 1826, lived in Leake County, Mississippi in 1840 and moved to Jackson Parish, Louisiana about 1848, where he was listed on the census with his wife, Louisa (Crosby) and his first three children. Louisa was born about 1827 in Tennessee.

By 1860, the couple had moved to Polk County, Texas in the pursuit of land for farming. They continued their move to the west, settling in Limestone County by 1870. Several of their children were still living in Limestone County in 1880, but by 1900, most of them were gone. Some had moved to Menard County, one to Falls County, and one to Ellis County.

Circumstances of Willey's and Louisa's death are unknown. The nine known children of Willey S. and Louisa (Crosby) Crowell were:

1.  Marion Crowell; born ca. 1844 in MS; may be the Marion Crowell who married on 2 Feb. 1867, at Nacogdoches, TX, to Malicey F. Weedin; however, just three years later, in 1870, Marion was listed on the 1870 census in Limestone County, Texas in his father's household, and no wife was with him. The 1880 census showed an M. Crowell in Limestone County, with a wife named "Lucy," born ca. 1850 in MS and three children (whose names are listed below). Marriage records of Limestone County show that Marion Crowell married Mrs. A. M. Ellenbee in Groesbeck on 3 Nov. 1885; an M. W. Crowell, who lived at Morgan Mill, married Lillie Hide on 15 Oct. 1899 in Stephenville.
Believed to be issue of Marion Crowell and Malicey (or "Lucy") Crowell:
(1) Carry Crowell; born ca. 1871 in TX; records in Groesbeck show C. B. Hood was appointed guardian of Marion Crowell's daughter Carrie on 11 July 1887. A Carrie G. Crowell, who was born in 1885 and died in 1959, lived in Mineral Wells, TX and was buried at Elmwood Cem., may have been a different Carrie Crowell.
(2) Alexander J. "Alex" Crowell; born ca. 1875 in TX; married Mollie Irwin.
(3) Emma Crowell; born ca. 1880 in TX [Actual birthdate 20 Dec. 1879; birthplace, Kosse, Limestone Co.; married Russell Jordan Farabee 15 Nov. 1899 in Bridgeport, Wise Co., TX].
2.  Perry Crowell; born 10 Dec. 10 1843/45 in Leake Co. MS; see later.
3.  Kit Crowell; born ca. 1848/49 in MS.
    1. Tony C. Crowell; born May 1852/54 in TX; married on 13 Jan. 1877 in Groesbeck, Limestone TX to Laura Bell McCowan, who was born Feb. 1859 in TX; Tony was a Marshall in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas for six years before moving to Ennis, Ellis County, Texas in 1890, where he served as City Marshal in 1893; one of his triumphs while in office was to arrest "Diamond Joe," owner of a notorious gambling den;


Known Issue, two:
(1) Jack C. Crowell; born 1878 in TX; lived in Mitchell Co., TX in 1900.
(2) Daisy Crowell; born 18 Sept. 1879 in TX.
5.  Isabella Crowell; born ca. 1856 in TX.
6.  Richard "Dick" Crowell; born Apr. 1854/58 in TX; married Laura E. __?__, who was born Dec. 1861 or 1862 in TX; they lived in Limestone Co., TX in 1830;
Known Issue, seven:
(1) Richard Crowell; born July 1878 in TX.
(2) Maggie Crowell; born 1879-80 in TX.
(3) America J. Crowell; born Nov. 1884 in TX.
(4) John C. Crowell; born May 1886 in TX; may be the John Crowell who married Mary Williams in Groesbeck, Limestone, TX on 6 Oct. 1904.
(5) James A. Crowell; born Jan. 1891 in TX.
(6) Charles E. Crowell; born Apr. 1894 in TX.
(7) Nettie Crowell; born Dec. 1897 in TX.
7.  Emma Crowell; [died before 1870]
8.  Nettie Crowell; born ca. 1862/65 in TX.[She had a grandson Neville Kenneth White, who owned a funeral parlor, later a hardware store.]
9.  Edward Crowell; born 1867; married Annie Tribble, who was born 26 Sept. 1885, in Groesbeck, TX.

2. Perry Crowell

Perry Crowell, second son of Willey S. and Louisa (Crosby) Crowell, was born December 10, 1843 in Leake County, Mississippi and died March 23, 1933. He was buried in Menard, Texas.

Perry was married on November 11, 1868 in Hays County, Texas to Amanda Caroline Ellis, who was born February 22, 1850 in Butler County, Alabama, and died 27 Nov. 1938, buried in Menard, TX.

Shortly after their marriage, Perry joined the Confederate forces and fought in the Civil War. He later worked as a freighter.

The twelve children of Perry and Amanda Crowell were:

1.  Willie Crowell; born 6 Sept. 1869, at Kendall Co., TX; died 26 Nov. 1937, buried at Menard, TX; never married; was a painter in 1900.
2.  Lee Crowell; born 30 Jan. 1871 in Limestone Co., TX; married 21 Jan. 1894 at Menard, TX to Claudia Ellis, who was born 27 May 1877 at Menard; Lee died 4 March 1912, buried at Menard; he was a cattle herder in 1900; Claudia died 12 Oct. 1905, buried at Menard;
Issue, five:
(1) James C. Crowell; born 28 Jan. 1894, in Menard, TX; died 25 June 1983, buried in Menard; married on 20 Sept. 1916 to Willie Pearl Henderson, who was born 7 Nov. 1894.
(2) Toney Crowell; born Oct. 1897, at Menard, TX; buried at Azel, TX.
(3) Winnie Crowell; born 11 Nov. 1898, at Menard, TX; married 2 June 1916 at Menard to Florent August Kiehne, who was born 11 Sept. 1897.
(4) Monroe Crowell; born at Menard, TX, buried Sonora, TX; married "Bunk" Turney.
(5) Leo Crowell; born 10 June 1903; died 1950, buried in Menard, TX; never married.
3.  Wiley Cross Crowell; born 28 Dec. 1872, in Limestone Co., TX; died 7 March 1935, buried at Rose Lawn Cem. in San Antonio, TX; married on 30 Nov. 1894 to Mollie Flower Strum; who was born 3 May 1874; died 19 Feb. 1937;
Issue, seven:
(1) Jesse Lee Crowell; born 5 April 1895 in Menard, TX; died 6 July 1950, buried in San Antonio, TX; married (1st) Della Denton; married (2nd) Olive Gage.
(2) Minnie Mae Crowell; born 5 April 1898 in Castillo, TX; died April 1973, buried in San Antonion, TX; married Eugene L. Hoggard.
(3) Willie Albert Crowell; born 16 Dec. 1900 in Menard, TX; married Evelyn Forrest Kruger.
(4) Ludie Lucille Crowell; born 16 July 1904 in Menard, TX; married Solen Merritt.
(5) Annie Bertha Crowell; born 16 May 1906 in Menard, TX; married (1st) Ebbie Brownrigg; married (2nd) Quinn M. Ney.
(6) Margie Ray Crowell; born 13 May 1909 in Ballinger, TX; married (1st) Luther Boswell; married (2nd) John Dixon Pettit.
(7) Bessie Rea Crowell; born 7 June 1914 at Ft. McKavitt, TX; married Edgar Carmichael.
4.  Perry Daniel "Dan" Crowell; born 12 March 1875 in Bell Co., TX; died 29 June 1957, buried at Menard, TX; married 3 Dec. 1898 to Melvina "Mell" Bradford, born 15 April 1878 in TX; died 26 June 1945, buried in Menard;
Issue, five:
(1) Wade Hamilton Crowell; born March 16, 1899 in Menard, TX; died 26 Nov. 1941; married on 21 June 1917 to Ruby Bernice Harryman, who was born 15 May 1898; died 14 Jan. 1982; both buried at Menard.
(2) Floyd Lawrence Crowell; born 8 Oct. 1903 in Menard, TX; died 3 Sept. 1971, buried in Menard; married (1st) on 22 Oct. 1921 to Lois Irene Long, who died 26 March 1982; married (2nd) to Elizabeth Benchoff.
(3) Infant son; born 16 Sept. 1908; died 18 Sept. 1908 in Menard.
(4) Mary Pauline "Polly" Crowell, twin; born 1 Jan. 1920 in Menard, TX; married (1st) on 13 Nov. 1935 to W. E. Rau; married (2nd) on 12 Oct. 1940 to W. D. Stockton, Jr.
(5) Lorene Crowell, twin; born 1 Jan. 1920 in Menard, TX; married five times, last to Mr. Wagnor.
5.  Alice Crowell; born 24 March 1877, at Parker Co., TX; died 28 Aug. 1967, buried at Lamesa, TX; married 3 Feb. 1897 to Lee Bradford, who was born 19 Nov. 1876 in Menard, TX; died 14 Feb. 1949 in Lamesa, TX;
Issue, four:
(1) Perry Leon Bradford; born 6 July 1898 in Menard, TX; died 11 May 1980, buried at Big Spring, TX; married Anna Bell Strawn.
(2) Linnie Bradford; born 20 Feb. 1900 in Menard, TX; married Roy N. Kayal.
(3) Felix Clinton Bradford; born 23 March 1910; married Audie Pearl Burns.
(4) Margie Louise Bradford; born 1 Nov. 1922; married J. D. Burnett, Jr.
6.  Edward "Edd" Crowell; born 21 Sept. 1879, at Eastland Co., TX; died 10 June 1949, buried at Menard, TX; married on 16 Oct. 1897 at Llano, TX to Celinda Ann "Annie" Bradford, who was born Sept. 1882 in TX; died 28 Feb. 1965, buried in Menard;
Issue, seven:
(1) Louis C. Crowell; born 12 Oct. 1899 in Menard, TX; married Henrietta M. Harvey.
(2) LeRoy Crowell; born 27 Sept. 1902 in Menard, TX; died 26 July 1947, buried in San Angelo, TX; married Alta Griffin.
(3) Opie Reed Crowell; born 3 May 1905 in Menard, TX; died 26 June 1980, buried Odessa, TX; married Jewell Marie Randolph.
(4) Thelma Rae Crowell; born 26 Nov. 1907 in San Angelo, TX; died 2 April 1974, buried at Lampasas, TX; married Charles Wallace Rathman.
(5) Lamar Clay Crowell; born 8 Jan. 1910 in Menard, TX; died 15 Jan. 1949, buried in Menard, TX; married (1st) Eloise Goode; married (2nd) Jean __?__.
(6) Clinton Crowell; born 5 Oct. 1918 in Menard, TX; married Lilly Rott.
(7) Juanita Larue Crowell; born 9 Sept. 1922 in Ballinger, TX; married Paul Lewis Montgomery.
7.  Clinton Crowell; born 3 Feb. 1881, at Eastland, TX; never married.
8.  Walter Crowell; born 3 June 1883 in Menard, TX; died 3 Oct. 1883, buried in Menard.
9.  Mattie Crowell; born 19 Aug. 1884, at Menard, Menard Co., TX; died 30 Oct. 1960, buried in Sacremento, CA; married Leo Antone Decker;
Issue, five:
(1) Norean Decker; married John Sonntag, Sr.; both buried in Los Angeles, CA, Forest Lawn Cem.
(2) Debray Decker; married Frank John Hoefer.
(3) Beatrice Decker; married Fay S. Reeder.
(4) Barbara Decker; married Gene Bjorklund.
(5) Antony Gummar Decker; born 11 Oct. 1910 in Menard, TX; married Eleanor Marie Eisenmenger.
10. Ida Crowell; born 1 Jan. 1887, in Kendall Co., TX; died 31 May 1950, buried at Menard, TX; married Louis Wesley Harriman;
Issue, two:
(1) Geneva Harriman; born 10 May 1911 in Menard, TX; married Wiley Nelson Murray.
(2) infant girl, died at birth.
11. Henry Clay Crowell; born 14 Sept. 1891, at Menard, TX; died 14 July 1958, buried at Dallas, TX; married Drucilla Wheeler in 1913;
Issue, seven:
(1) Shannon Crowell; born 14 Feb. 1914 in Austin, TX; died 17 July 1978, buried in Dallas, TX; married (1st) Sarah Adaline Mullins; married (2nd) Freddie Lynn Taylor.
(2) Montie Marl Crowell, Sr.; born 29 Feb. 1916 in Lamesa, TX; married (1st) Avanell Ruth Day; married (2nd) Irene Shafer.
(3) Foy Eddie Crowell; born 10 Jan. 1918 in Lamesa, TX; married (1st) Dorothy __?__; married (2nd) Miss Arrington; married (3rd) Georgia __?__; married (4th) Ola Mae __?__.
(4) Inez Crowell; born 5 Jan. 1920 in Eastland, TX; married (1st) to James Cecil Bailey; married (2nd) to B. D. Hoffman.
(5) Wynona Crowell; born 23 March 1923 in Dallas, TX; married (1st) Arthur Sylvester McNatt; married (2nd) Lionel Alfred Hammons.
(6) Don Sales Crowell; born 10 Nov. 1926 in Dallas, TX; married Dorothy __?__.
(7) N. L. Crowell; born 28 Oct. 1929 in Dallas, TX; married Shirley Nell Cox.
12. Montie Ray Crowell; born 16 Nov. 1893, at Menard, TX; died 25 Oct. 1976, buried at Menard, TX; married (1st) 29 May 1911 to John Mauldin Sims; married (2nd) to George Ellis Smith; Issue, three:
(1) Clinton Cecile Sims; born 29 Aug. 1914 in Menard, TX; died 5 Nov. 1939, buried in London, TX; married David Robert Oliver Weaver.
(2) Amanda Gene Sims; born 28 April 1918 in Sonora, TX; married (1st) Hugh Danley Pullen; married (2nd) Cecil Dea Walston; married (3rd) Owen Clinton Swindall.
(3) James Lynn "Lindy" Sims; born 22 Oct. 1920 in Sonora, TX; married Ruth Irene Clinger Walker.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Records pertaining to the Crowells in Louisiana

U. S. Census

1840 Leake Co., MS, pg 34:

MRS. S. CROWELL, 1 m 10-15 (presumed to be PETER F. CROWELL), 1 m 15-20 (presumed to be WILLEY S. CROWELL), 1 f 5-10, 1 f 30-40, 1 engaged in agriculture, 1 engaged in mining.

1850 Jackson Par., LA:

pg 738, 22 Oct.: PETER F. CROWELL, 25, m, farmer, born AL; JANE, 29, f, AL; SARAH A., 6, f, MS; JAMES, 4, m, MS; MARGARET, 2, f, LA.

pg 357, 17 Sept.: WILLEY CROWELL, 24, m, farmer, born AL; LOUISA, 23, f, TN; MARION, 6, m, MS; PERY, 8, m, MS; CITF(?), 1, m, MS; JAMES C. CROFFORD, 23, m, farmer, birthplace unknown.

1860 Polk Co., TX:

pg 77: W. S. CROWELL, 31, 31, farmer, AL; LOUISA, 31, TN; MARION, 15, MS; PERRY, 13, MS; KIT, 12, MS; TONY, 8, TX; ISABELLA, 6, TX; DICK, 4, TX.

1870 Limestone Co., TX:

pg 45: WILEY S. CROWELL, 46, planter, AL; LOUISA, 45, TN; KIT, 18, MS; TONEY, 16, TX; ISABELLA, 14, TX; DICK, 12, TX; NETTIE, 8, TX; EDWARD, 5, TX; MARION, 22, laborer, MS.

1880 Soundex, Limestone Co., TX:

Koose, Just. prec. #5, Vol. 22 E.D. 93: M. CROWELL, w, m, 36, MS; LUCY, wife, 30, MS; CARRY, dau., 9, TX; ALEX, son, 5, TX; EMMA, dau., 6/12, TX.

Just. prec. #5, Vol. 22, E.D. 93: R. CROWELL, w, m, 22, TX; LAURA, wife, 18, TX; RICHARD, son, 2, TX; MAGGIE, dau., 9/12, TX.

Just. prec. #5, Vol. 22, E.D. 93: TONY CROWELL, w, m, 27, TX; L. B., wife, 25, TX; JACK, son, 2, TX; DAISY, dau., 8/12, TX.

1900 Soundex,

Menard Co., TX:

Pct. 1, Vol. 78 E.D. 62: LEE CROWELL, w, May 1871, 29, TX; CLAUDIA, wife, May 1876, 24, TX; JAMES, son, Jan. 1895, 5, TX; TONEY, son, Oct. 1897, 2, TX; WINNIE, dau., Nov. 1899, 6/12, TX.

Pct. 1, Vol. 78, e.d. 62, pg. 3: PERRY CROWELL, w, Jan. 1845, 55, AL; AMANDA, wife, Feb. 1847, 53, AL; WILLIE, son, Sept. 1869, 30, TX; MATTIE, dau., Feb. 1881, 19, TX; CLINTON, son, Aug. 1884, 15, TX; IDA, dau., Jan. 1887, 13, TX; CLAY, son, Sept. 1891, 8, TX; MONTIE, son (sic), Nov. 1893, 6, TX.

Pct. 1, Vol. 78, e.d. 62, pg. 7: DANIEL CROWELL, w, Mar. 1875, 25, TX; MELL, wife, Apr. 1878, 22, TX; WADE, son, Mar. 1899, 1, TX

Vol. 78, e.d. 62, pg. 7: EDWARD CROWELL, w, Apr. 1873, 27, TX; ANNIE, wife, Sept. 1882, 17, TX; LOUIS, son, Dec. 1899, 5/12, TX.

Falls Co., TX, Pct. 2, Vol. 37 E.D. 17, pg. 7:

RICHARD CROWELL, w, April 1854, 46, TX; LAURA E., wife, Dec. 1861, 38, TX; RICHARD, son, July 1878, 21, TX; AMERICA J., son, Nov. 1884, 15, TX; JOHN C., son, May 1886, 14, TX; JAMES A., son, Jan. 1891, 9, TX; CHARLES E., son, Apr. 1894, 6, TX; NETTIE, dau., Dec. 1897, 2, TX.

Ellis Co., TX, Ennis, Pct. 3, Vol. 34, e.d. 24, pg. 18:

TONY CROWELL, w, May 1854, 46, TX; LULA B., wife, Feb. 1859, 41, TX; DAISY E., dau., Sept. 1879, 20, TX.

Mitchell Co., TX, Pct. 1, Vol. 80 e.d. 115, pg. 16:

JACK C. CROWELL, w, Oct. 1877, 22, TX; enum. with FRANK B. SALTER, partner.


Bienville Par., LA, Book C Page 443, 3 March 1853:

PETER F. CROWELL and JAMES M. ELLIOTT of Bienville Parish, sold to THOMAS M. CARLILE, also of Bienville Par., land lying in Bienville Par. and described as the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Sec. No. 26 in Twp. No. 15 of Range No. 7, containing 39 acres and 87/100 more or less for $75.00. Witnesses: THOMAS WILSON, W. T. MABRY.


History of Ellis County, Texas


Lindy and Ruth Sims of Menard, Texas - 1982-83; they contributed most of the information on the WILLEY S. CROWELL branch of the family history.